Welcome to Business Video Masterclass


It's for everyone who wants to produce more effective actionable video at lower cost and greater ROI.

The course is divided into 5 sections

Part 1: Planning an effective marketing video

Part 2: Avoiding mistakes when getting quotations

Part 3: Avoiding mistakes while your video is being produced

Part 4: Building your future video plans

Part 5: Getting foreign language versions right

What you’ll learn

Whether you know it or not, you’ll probably make mistakes in your next video production.

Maybe you have already. Maybe you’ve bought a weak video before?

Business Video Masterclass can stop you making mistakes.

You also know that video costs money. It’s too expensive an item to fool around with like an amateur.

In Masterclass you’ll discover how video costs are arrived at - including many trade secrets.

The result will be more effective control over what you spend, and how, and why. And who with.

You’ll also learn how to find your winning video message, and pitch it perfectly, even if you can’t write a script.

And you’ll discover how to pick the video style that works best for you, from the bewildering choice of video styles available.

We’ll look at the crucial importance of Winning Trust to beat that great killer of all deals, Client Uncertainty.

And we’ll figure out how to plan for the future, with robust video plans designed to make you the leader in your market sector. The winning strategy if you will.

My name is Kevin Rossiter and I’d like to welcome you to Business Video Masterclass.

Now let’s get started.

Here’s Part 1: Planning an effective marketing video

A personal message from Kevin Rossiter

Hi there. As you know, I’ve been a video producer for 30 years, and have 11 awards to my credit now, as well as making over 1,000 videos, seen by millions, all over the World.

It’s been fabulous fun, so much so that I’d like to share with you the fun of making better, more effective, actionable business video.

I haven’t held back with anything, always speaking plain English that gets right to the core of things.

My motto is “Helping Managers Make Better Video”.

May I personally thank you for joining this Business Video Masterclass, and hope it ignites your imagination with plans to make your next video rule your world.

As a valued visitor to Business Video Masterclass, you’re now welcome to a FREE 15 minute personal consultation with me, where you can ask about a video problem that’s on your mind.

I’ve spent most of my professional life solving real world video problems.

It’s relaxing for me. I enjoy it. So please share your ambition or concern, and I’ll do my best to help.

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