wnDirect – Software Demo

“Studio Rossiter worked to a tight deadline and there was a very smooth workflow”

Client: wnDirect – Industry leaders globally

Online solution provider for e-commerce
international deliveries.

Typical customer: fashion retailer, ASOS.

Results: Month 1 – Getting noticed, getting enquiries

100 conference delegates saw the video at the seminar.
20-30 visitors saw the video on the wnDirect stand via an iPad.
160 potential customers saw the video online in first month.
Many enquiries were received and are being followed up.

Opportunity: Global online marketplace

“Global B2C e-commerce sales are set to exceed €1 trillion in 2013”
“48% of UK retailers still don’t deliver overseas”

wnDirect has a unique software-based delivery process which reduces the cost of order returns and minimises complaints, delays and order abandonments.

Video Objective: Get us noticed, help them understand

Establish brand leadership and win new customers at an industry conference

Target Audience: Potential customers

Online retailers and etail specialists

Brief: Event-specific, please, and fast!

24 hour a day Heathrow facility

wnDirect was invited to give a 20-minute presentation on International Delivery at the The Delivery Conference, a major national ecommerce event.

As part of the presentation, wnDirect wanted a video that would:

> summarise their service
> highlight the pitfalls and possibilities of international distribution
> walk viewers through the process
> position wnDirect as thought leaders within the industry.
> be shown to stand visitors and feature on the company website.

“We had access to the video storyboard online and were able to bounce ideas back and forward.”

Solution: deadline 2-3 weeks

Studio Rossiter produced a softwaredemo video, rich in graphics and on-screen captions, to outline the benefits and cost savings for etailers.

It clearly explained the wnDirect delivery process advantages for the online customer and for the etailer.

Further Opportunities: Sales expansion – going global

wnDirect are planning to use a partner sales force and this video will become part of their sales presentation. They already operate in 12 countries and are adding 3 more soon.

Client Comment: Working together, sharing ideas

The wnDirect Team

“They worked to a tight deadline and there was a very smooth workflow. We had access to the video storyboard online and were able to bounce ideas back and forward.

We will be making this video more prominent when we upgrade our website in a couple of weeks.”


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