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Q: We need to present a case for a grant to the construction industry.

We need a 1 day video shoot
Plus 1 day talking heads

What do you recommend?

Account Manager
Marketing Agency

What makes this interesting is that I think we can also help you eliminate the cost of your second day shoot by using footage from our construction library.

Here’s the solution:

Shoot your top people as talking heads. We’d provide a teleprompt so their scripts can be arranged in advance. We’ll set up in a boardroom or large training room. It should take half a day.

We’ll shoot them against a green screen, so the speakers can be dubbed onto a suitable graphic background with a construction industry feel.

If you can keep this to 5 minutes runtime or under then this can be done at a budget price.

To illustrate what the speakers are saying, we can film at their premises for the remaining half day.

With the additional of graphic titling in the corporate style, and a music jingle, this will give you an end-to-end production.

To make it more relevant to the construction industry we have a large library of Construction Industry footage in our studio, which you can use.

The content of the construction industry video library is very diverse ranging across road, rail, major public buildings, housing, with exteriors and interiors, scaffolding, groundworks, yellow plant, the lot.

We’ve accumulated this video library through working for over a dozen architects and constructors over the years.

One international construction giant even made a whole video production, from end to end using virtually all library footage.

So here’s an opportunity to produce your video at relatively low cost using our Budget DVD package. Take a look and see for yourself.
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