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Q: We’d like to film our 2 day staff induction, then edit it to produce a modular induction video, which we can use online at all our international offices.

How realistic do you think this approach is?

We’ve already taken a quote for a 2 day shoot (£4,000), but we’re not sure how well this will work.

Training Manager
London E14

A: You require an interactive or modular video solution to replace your 2 day presenter-based staff induction training.

The induction solution must be a series modular programmes, so your users, 2/3rds of of whom are outside the UK (include Europe, USA, Dubai, India, Australia), can select their relevant areas of interest,eg, workforce, management etc.

Problems with current £4,000 video quote

Any idea that a 2 day shoot induction video solution for £4,000 will work has to be quickly dismissed.


In the learning scenario where a Presenter (your inductor) is stood by the side of a projected Powerpoint:

> A lot of the slide text will be too small and unreadable when viewed on video, and therefore ineffective (think lots of small health and safety rules here)

> If the Presenter moves in front of the slide (even an arm gesture) the slide content will be hidden

> If the Presenter is having a “bad day” the video will forever reflect this, and on a global scale

> Some Presenters will strongly object to seeing the number of umms and ahhs, or inappropriate gestures they make. They’ll insist on re-shoots and this will spiral costs.

> The whole thing will probably look tacky, and not fit in with your corporate image.

In short, simply filming the 2 days induction live is not a realistic solution.

It will be one that will be later regretted, and at a cost. Produced in haste, repented at leisure.

Winning an Interactive Video Solution Budget

The true cost of an interactive online video induction training solution is typically £10k to £20k.

Your company need to establish an order of budget that reflects this.

As there are many immediate and enduring cost savings to be made, compared with the existing induction method of Presenter/Powerpoint, a budget shouldn’t be difficult to recommend.

Here are the cost-mitigating factors you can use to win your budget:

> Current Consultant Cost

The cost of hiring consultant (on a global scale) to perform inductions will be eliminated or greatly reduced.

To obtain the order of savings, multiply the number of induction hours pa by consultant’s hourly rate.

This represents an outright external cost saving, year-on-year

> Current Employee cost

Typically a professional digital video induction will halve the time spent inducting employees.

To understand this as a cost, multiply the number of employee induction hours pa by an average hourly wage rate.

Now halve it to establish the internal cost saving.

Instead of paying “useless” wages for an overlong induction, employees can now spend more time at work, creating value for your business.

Other Benefits

> The standard and quality of your inductions will rise when you use video, as an interactive video induction is both perfect and repeatable.

> By comparison, a human inductor is known to be variable in quality. Only 3 out of 5 human-delivered inductions are top flight.

> Inductors can be deployed more fruitfully, rather than giving endless (and needless) manual inductions.

> Video inductions can be delivered on-demand for any size of group by a lower level supervisor, rather than an expensive trainer or consultant.

Video training and induction solution information

Hidden Costs

Producing a perfect, repeatable interactive video induction requires writing a perfect script.

This will take time and effort to cover a 2 day induction programme. There’s no short cut around this.

But it’s a once-only exercise that will deliver lasting benefit year-on-year.

And your organisation will run leaner and meaner for the effort, while increasing your level of communications excellence.

Discover video induction ideas

Video Induction Solutions

There are a number of avenues to explore:

> Talking head to camera using teleprompt.

> Professional voiceover dubbed under screen-recorded powerpoint slides

> Custom designed slides using multimedia, and supported by talking head video clips.

> You can also recreate common scenes using actors to sustain audience interest.

> Graphics to show your development policy.

There are many options and choices, and ways to incease add-value

I’d suggest that initially you establish an order of budget, as any recommended solution will be partly determined by the available budget.

As an international group you want your induction video to provide a world class solution, so go win a proper budget first, rather than look for a corner-cutting cheap solution that is doomed to fail.

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