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Does your web video work on an IPad? What about a SmartPhone?

You don’t know?

Well that’s too bad.

According to a recent Microsoft report:

“By 2014, there will be more mobile Internet users than desktop/laptop users. And 50% of local searches are already done on mobile devices”

The way that people browse the web has changed.

They need to access it whilst they’re on the move – as and when they want it.

And – with the technology that’s available to the consumer of 2012 – they can do this everyday.

How the modern consumer uses mobile video technology

The use of mobile video for retail purposes is increasing.

A 2012 survey from Internet Retailer found that:

“52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. When a video is information-intensive, 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times”

The recent introduction of HTML5 has made the application of media on a multi-platform level more efficient, easier and cost-effective.

A web video can now be played on any mobile device – be it:

> An Android Smartphone

> An IPhone

> Or a tablet

Just as easily as it can be uploaded onto a traditional PC.

So the consumer no longer views it as something new.

It’s a normal everyday thing, with a 2012 report from ByteMobile showing that:

“Video traffic on mobile networks rose 10 percentage points over a one-year period and is now 50% of traffic on wireless networks.”

And whereas viewing a web video over a phone raised issues regarding the screen size, these have been eliminated with the introduction of the larger tablets.

It’s now possible to view a full HD video – on the move – on a screen that’s more similar to a television in its dimensions than it is to the average mobile phone.

There is little doubt that tablets are the future of computer technology

Whereas in the 1980’s the vision may have been “a PC in every home”, now it’s “a tablet in every bag”.

And one of the main driving forces behind this is the accessibility the IPad and products like it offer to web video.

Why your next web video has to play on a Smartphone and tablet

Because it’s what the consumer wants.

PC’s are too big, too slow, too business like and not portable – and these days, even a laptop gets in the way.

The portability of a tablet has enabled your customer to watch your – and your competitors – web video as and when they want to.

Do you want them to see something spectacular or a grey box?

Because if you don’t make sure your web video can play on a tablet or Smartphone, that’s what will happen.

So give the customer what they want and help guarantee the future success of your business.

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