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A corporate video is something that has to be budgeted for – and naturally you want to get the absolute best from your investment.

You don’t want your money being spent on anything that isn’t needed – and you want to see every penny’s worth on the video.

So how should your chosen production house budget your corporate video? What kind of spending is justifiable to you.

I’m sure you’d agree that most of the budget should be spent on:

> Use of equipment

> A highly skilled cast and crew

> High quality editing and post production

> & talented – perhaps even celebrity – presenters

So making the actual video.

But what about the location where it will be produced?

If a production company is based in an expensive area – like London – then it’s inevitable that a lot of your money will towards facilitating this.

But why?

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How does a London based studio benefit you?

It doesn’t.

Do you want your video to be shot in a London studio?

Does it have to be shot in a London studio?

As long as the finished product looks good and helps you to make sales, then it doesn’t matter if it’s produced in London or Timbuktu.

There are many video studios around the UK – London isn’t the only option – you don’t need to pay extra for a name.

That’s not to say your corporate video can be shot anywhere – depending on the message of the video it may have to be shot:

> On a certain site – such as a factory or shop.

> Or at a certain external location – the location may even be London.

But it doesn’t have to be produced in a London studio at London studio prices.

Using a non-London based production studio

If a production studio doesn’t have to worry about the extra over head costs of being based in London:

> It can afford to give you more for less.

It’s that simple – it can save you money!

Studios based around the UK don’t have the overhead costs that inevitably come from working in London:

> Excessive lease costs

> Transportation costs – such as the cost of parking the equipment van – or even just driving it thanks to the congestion charge!

> Staff costs – higher cost of living requires higher wages

You only pay for what’s needed – and the quality of your corporate video doesn’t have to be compromised in any way.

Why your corporate video doesn’t have to be from London

Most UK cities have access to highly skilled people within the media industry – whether they be experienced professionals or graduates.

Manchester is a perfect example of this – and big media companies like the BBC know it. That’s why they moved there in 2012.

And most UK cities have at least one corporate video production house if not more.

Most of which will be as good as – if not better – than the ones you’ll find in London.

And they won’t charge you the earth for a high quality corporate video, you get what you want, and your not paying for a central location or flash premises.

Click here for an example of a non-London corporate video production company can save you money.

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