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The beauty of a web video is that producing one doesn’t have to be difficult – it can be made from just about anything that’s visual.

Live action filming is great for most corporate and training videos – but for a web video it’s not always needed.

A 30 second web video can easily be made with a combination of:

> Graphics

> Animations

> Captions

> And stills.

And basing your web video production on stills can radically reduce the costs.

How can using stills make my web video cheaper?

Stills can be easily captured – and most of the time have already been captured.

Obtaining them does not require using the large cost that’s needed for a live action shoot, something that brings a wide-range of expenses such as:

> Cost of a camera crew

Anybody who works in a professional camera crew is a specialist – and therefore has to be paid for their skills and time.

> Cost of equipment

The camera crew will own their own equipment – and this equipment will have cost them a lot of money.

So the hiring of the equipment will be added to their bill.

> Travel expenses

Moving equipment and crew about is not cheap – and the further the location the larger the travel expense.

If you already have some stills of your location – or can get some – then why not use them?

How stills can be used to make a web video that works for your business

Whatever sector your business is in – from manufacturing to services – a web video can be made to suit its needs.

Where a web video for a manufacturing company has the option to live action footage and stills, as they have a physical object to film.

A web video for a company that’s located within the service sector tends to have greater limitations. This is largely because what they’re promoting can be more abstract in its nature.

For example, a business that provides consulting services can’t rely on live action footage to show what they do – it wont come across clearly on camera.

It needs graphics, animation and stills in order to deliver its message.

But what about service sector companies that can use live action footage within their web video?

If you’re trying to promote a holiday destination through a web video then you have a choice between using photo stills and live action.

In this case, the most appealing choice will be the one that looks best.

An well shot photo will always look good – and this visual quality can more than compensate for the loss of movement.

And if movement is needed then you can always animate the image – or even a group of images.

As long as it’s done in the right way, your audience will not notice about the lack of live action shots.

How using stills to make your web video will bring you greater profits

A web video like this can be made quickly.

Your message can be delivered to potential clients and customers in a very short time – concept to creation has a very quick turnaround.

This can mean an early return on your investment, so you’ll make a more immediate profit.

So, using stills will make the production of your web video cheaper and will bring you more money in the long term.

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