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The first question is: Can a video company from one country produce a video for use in another country?

The answer is a resounding Yes. It’s being going on for years.

A number of things have made this feasible, but especially:

  • The growth of teleconferencing and videoconferencing
  • The location of the digital video studio becoming irrelevant
  • The availability of cheap air flights

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

The growth of videoconferencing

Today with teleconferencing and videoconferencing freely available, there’s a shrinking need for people to meet in the flesh.

For example, I’ve a number of UK B2B clients who no longer have face to face internal meetings as their offices are widespread across the UK, and the travel is time & money consuming.

After all, why spend 3-4 non-productive hours of a day in car for a 90 minute meeting, when you can click on Google Hangouts and be videoconferencing in seconds, for free?

In recent weeks, my offers of a personal face to face visit were twice declined in favour of videoconferencing.

International companies are videoconferencing and teleconferencing all the time.

It’s cheap, it’s easy – and it works.

The location of the video studio is no longer important

Does it matter if the studio where your video is being produced is nowhere near where you live? Or even in another country?

Not really.

After all, clients rarely set foot inside an actual video studio.

What the client wants is a easy fast communication with the actual video editor who’s working on their project

– which email – or messaging within the studio project management system easily allow.

And clients need to see proofs of their video in its various stages of development

– which is provided using fast video upload for viewing.

Regular email contact and fast video upload have replaced the need for the client to come to the studio.

The studio’s location is far less important than

> the quality of regular, effective communication with the editing team

> the ability to see video proofs virtually on-demand using youtube, wistia, vimeo and more.

The availability of cheap air flights

Filming local premises or services sometimes cannot be avoided.

In this case, a camera operator and director need to fly out from the video producer’s country to the client’s country.

While the cost of airline tickets is still added to the overall cost of the video production, this cost is often relatively low – perhaps adding 1 or 2 thousand pounds to the overall cost.

Since a video might cost 5 to 10 thousand pounds to produce, an extra “travel surcharge” of 1 or 2 thousand pounds doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

Yes, it’s an extra cost – but if the video production company are specialists in your marketplace with an exemplary track record, then it’s often well worth paying for the extra plane ticket to get the right video.

Why consider using a video producer from another country

Special skills and special knowledge of your marketplace or work practices can make all the difference between a highly successful video and a merely okay-ish one.

If a video production company from another country has special knowledge & skills that can make a real difference to your video, then it will pay you to use them.

This is all the more relevant if your company is international

– and you need a little bit more than what a local video supplier can offer, ie, a world class unbeatable finish.

Increasingly there are more reasons to say Yes to a specialist video production company from another country

– and increasingly fewer reasons to say No.

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