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One of the biggest issues in the IT world today is that potential web customers frequently fail to grasp the scope and capability of the package.

This awareness gap is critical to every software developer’s sales.

What video delivers to software developers

Video delivers online goals.

For the dev, these may include:

> Empowering the customer to buy now by providing enough information they can instantly understand. We call this “easy information”.

Or, if they don’t feel comfortable buying immediately:

> Provide enough “easy information” for them to request a demo or take up a free trial.

> Provide enough “easy information” to make them remember you, and come back later.

And top of the “easy information” list is video.

So it’ll pay to investigate video – if you haven’t already.

The benefits of using web video

If you’ve never used web video before, then your first question might be “how cost-effective is it?”

This is especially true if you’re planning your 2012 or 2013 marketing campaign and are closely considering how to allocate your budget.

Well, consider that if you can reduce your face-to-face demonstrations by 15%-50% or more, then you’ll save:

> Travel costs

> The cost & bother associated to the presentation itself

> Time

Web video makes many meetings unnecessary.

It quickly and comprehensively conveys all the key information a customer really needs.

The only pitfall is ensuring that the web video is of a high quality and tells the message with absolute crystal clarity.

So how is this achieved?

Any software company can make a demo video based on an in house screen capture.

But very few companies can make a video that:

> Tells the best story in the least words.

> Delivers compelling sales messages.

> Will run on multiple platforms – I Pad, Android, Linux,Windows etc.

> Highlights your companies credibility throughout.

> Is of as high a quality as the product it’s promoting.

As you know, it is important that the video does not look tacky.

And, it has to show that your company is implicit with its quality of production.

So what about software video production companies?

An experienced, professional video production company will offer you:

> A professionally written script for you to prove.

> An detailed storyboard (i.e a book of your movie) based on that script.

> Visual highlights such as graphics, animated captions, and shot transitions that can bring key messages to life.

> Other post-production video effects to add impact, polish and credibility.

> Professionally produced music track and male or female voiceovers.

In fact, everything you need delivered as a 2-3 minute story.

Software developer video – summary

Video production is cheap, efficient and easily accessible.

If you need to show what your software can do, then a software web video is certainly the way to go.

See some more of our web video productions.

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