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Finding and working with a new supplier always feels a bit risky.

There are many unknowns – how will they work? Will we fit together? Are they reliable?

We understand these questions arrive, especially with video as it’s not seen as a tangible product – so here are a few answers:

Someone you can trust

Our production process is all collaborative and on the cloud, so there’s complete transparency throughout the project.

Cloud collaboration gives you every opportunity to join in at any level you want, from daily, to weekly, to simply presiding over the project.

In any case, at every stage, you review the production with us. KPIs by any other name.

Of course, we never approach your client independently – unless you expressly ask us to.

All communications are open and shared with you – so you never feel left in the dark.

Proven Production Method

As video production has been our sole focus for over 25 years, our production methods are probably more effective and efficient than yours – meaning we can deliver projects cheaper and with better value.

Because of our robust methods, our schedules are bankable – so you can reply on them.

We’re not full of empty promises and missed deadlines.

if we say that’s the the date of delivery – that’s the date of the delivery.

We have a big pool of in-house resources, for example animation, motion graphic design, video script writing, editors, and full film crew & equipment.

This range of assets enables you to be confident on delivery, because we have the in-depth resources required to solve problems that arise, as they surely do.


As we’re based in the North West, we can offer London quality of video production, but at Manchester prices.

Our location may be seen from afar as slightly less glamorous, but be certain that we do not have the high levels of overheads such as a Central London studio space, and we pass this saving on.

We’re previously worked with an excess of 10 – 15 agencies – mostly from London and the South East.

We know that cost among other factors is always an enticing benefit.

Industry Experience

With over 250 clients over 25 years, we probably already know the industry sector of the client who needs video – so we can add value to your video.

Plus we probably already have video samples in that industry you can see (just ask)

Producing a convincing video about a specific niche requires real industry and business insight.

You can learn this obviously, but we have real experience with such a variety of sectors worldwide – we’re a few steps ahead.

Possible shortfalls

One issue we come across from time to time, is over-prescriptive agencies.

Producing a winning video is more difficult when working with an agency who wants to define every creative stroke we make – from very prescriptive storyboards – to limited ideas and more.

We absolutely appreciate your input, but what works for print / brochure /website – is not the same as what works for video.

Our clients who come back time and again are those prepared to adopt our proven, efficient production processes

– rather than ask us to shape our production round their particular creative workflow because “our way is much cheaper than your way”.

But we’re flexible too, and recognise that production is always a 2 way street.


On thing we have a lot of is creativity.

We’re a vibrant close-knit, supportive team who are all multi-skilled and who all love making video.

It’s our business to be up to the minute with video production ideas. We’re constantly learning and and developing new ideas, methods and styles.

And we invest in the best regularly – as a matter of course.

You’ll enjoy working with us!

Click to see examples of our marketing videos and examples of our instant impact videos

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