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If you or your sales force visit clients face to face, then you'll probably be using a powerpoint or similar slideshow presentation system.

So start by asking yourself:

Is my Powerpoint:

> visually boring and predictable?

> too long, with too many old slides being skipped over every time?

> using complex diagrams that no one properly understands without a lengthy, detailed explanation?

The really big question to ask is:

> Does my Powerpoint measure up to the quality and standard of what we sell?

Perhaps now's the time to boost your presentation by using multimedia.

Where Multimedia Presentations win

They score over Powerpoint in almost every single way.

Dazzling presentations, that offer

> audience-engaging animation and graphics, free from the templated, repetitive slide look.

> the option to use professional voiceover to persuasively speak the words - perfectly every single time.

> flexibility and choices in the way you navigate & branch out during your presentation - no static, one-size-fits all.

Multimedia offers the full range of text, graphics, animation, voice, video

- whatever it takes to convince the client and make the sale.

Where Multimedia Presentations lose

The price.

Powerpoint can be developed for nothing - though they often look like that too.

Multimedia cost thousands.

So multimedia isn't for everyone, simply because of cost.

Other than this, Multimedia has every advantage.

Who uses multimedia?

The type of companies who spend extra and use multimedia usually need to:

> Impress as the industry leader or thought leader

> Explain a difficult technical exposition

> Build maximum credibility quickly, typically for high value deals, where Trust is critical.

> Fight their way into an established market with a new approach.

Multimedia presentations users range from big banks & manufacturers to ambitious SMEs.

There's no barrier - except the cost.


Users see standing out - differentiation - as vital to winning.

Typically, the sales force are closing high value contracts.

And also typically, the existing Powerpoint is not greatly admired by either clients or the sales team.

Multimedia can really dazzle - but this comes at a cost.

The bottom line is:

"If you're selling deals potentially worth hundreds of thousands over the client lifecycle

- then ten thousand - or less - for a multimedia is cheap at the price"

You can see more info on multimedia presentations here


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