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The short answer is that multimedia presentations ARE the new corporate video, while a Powerpoint presentation is still basically a visual aide-de-memoire for a salesperson during a meeting.

But there’s a lot more to it, when comparing multimedia to powerpoint presentations or even video.

A multimedia presentation with its superior graphics and animation is guaranteed to look impressive to prospective clients.

With perhaps a few exceptions, a powerpoint invariably “looks like a powerpoint”.

Interactive presentations have many customisable options that can be programmed so that presentations can be tailored for specific customers, yet always look immaculate.

By contrast, Powerpoint presentations often start to look home-made when customised.

A multimedia presentation has many sales uses besides being used by a face-to-face rep. It can excel as a standalone talking brochure, or be sent through the post in response to a sales enquiry, or, it can be handed to a customer champion as a sales support tool.

A powerpoint presentation makes a poor brochure. Although it has the technical capability for voiceover, it doesn’t function reliably when used standalone in a brochure way.

Multimedia can autoplay on exhibition stands, in foyers at seminars, in reception at your premises.

Powerpoints just don’t look impressive on exhibition stands, while relatively expensive corporate videos need the sound switching off (which destroys half the video!)

Benefits of multimedia

> Multimedia can replace your corporate video, while powerpoint cannot

> Multimedia can be used as a talking brochure, while even a professionally produced powerpoint struggles to do this.

> Multimedia looks very impressive to clients and wins credibility, while powerpoint tends to look and feel like a visual aide-de-memoire

> Multimedia is customisable to winning specific deals, in ways that powerpoint can’t.

But of course to win the additional benefits, you’ll pay 2-3 or times more for a comprehensive multimedia presentation than you would for a professionally produced powerpoint.

In fact a professionally produced multimedia presentation costs about the same as a corporate video.

The “same cost as a corporate video” is better way to understand the price differences in media.

So let’s examine these points more closely and see what the gains are and if it’s worth the additional cost.



Can a Multimedia Presentation can replace your Corporate Video?

Think about your corporate video (it looks great)

Think about how and why you use it (to help win customers)

Think about what you gain from using it (more sales)

You’ll find that a multimedia presentation does the same and more, and probably does it a lot better.

For example multimedia presentations will

  • Memorably impress clients
  • Unfold as a powerful series of connected images, animations and text that compellingly tell your business message
  • Deliver your message equally well for presentations, or when given to Champions, or sent as an autoplay brochure to sales enquiries – or when autoplayed at exhibitions.
  • But unlike a corporate video, multimedia presentations can additionally:
  • Be readily customised to specific clients, in both message and runtime length, unlike video which is fixed.

In every way you look at it, sales presentations can outperform corporate videos. And multimedia can even include video, such as client testimonials, or new facilities or projects footage. It can even include your corporate video!

Take a look here for proof

A Multimedia Presentation works as a Talking Brochure while a Powerpoint cannot

We’ve all received Powerpoints in the email post from prospective suppliers. They’re generally a cheap form of digital brochure, though they’re not as effective as a well-produced print brochure. But they are content-rich in a bullet point way.

By contrast, an interactive presentation is a complete digital experience for the customer.

It talks to them, visually excites them, and it brings bullet point messages to life with animated pictures and text, and appealing voiceover.

There’s no reason why a pro multimedia presentation cannot replace all or part of your hard copy brochure.

A powerpoint doesn’t even come close in this regard.



Multimedia is customisable to winning specific deals, in ways Powerpoint can’t

A powerpoint is customisable. We all have stories about preparing winning presentations the night before in a hotel.

But the results look relatively home-made.

You’re strictly relying on great content and a great message to win for you. Which is fair enough.

But a multimedia presentation is customisable in ways that look and feel powerful.

This powerful look and feel delivers greater credibility to your message.

Add this credibility to your winning content, and you have a powerful formulas for success.


Let’s add up the wins, and compare what a multimedia presentation delivers over powerpoint or a video.

  • For around the price of a corporate video you can have a more effective multipurpose multimedia presentation
  • There are far more customer touchpoint opportunities to deliver a multimedia presentation, compared to powerpoint or video
  • It’s flexible and can customised for specific occasions.


The two reasons why marketers everywhere aren’t already using multimedia presentations are:

1 – Cost:Using powerpoint is a cost issue, where a multimedia presentation is still viewed as a high cost replacement for a powerpoint, instead of viewed as a comparable replacement for corporate video

2 – Awareness: Marketing managers simply aren’t aware of the technology advances made in multimedia, and how effective it is at delivering company messages to all levels of customer contact.

The differences between multimedia presentations and powerpoints or corporate videos are significant. You owe it to yourself to discover why.

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