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Today’s marketing manager, that known craver of innovation in all its forms, sees video as the untapped frontier.

Over 2/3rds of marketers now include video in their plans (source – demand metric), while for some it’s the out-and-out preferred content delivery mechanism.

And this love of video equates with marketing reality, as we already know that 85% of internet users watch at least 1 ad per month (source – online publishers).

Neither is video complicated compared with some of the newer web marketing systems that require long term rigourous disciplines in order to be effective

– such as hubspot, optify and infusionsoft to mention just a few.

We all know that love should be easy – and video is very easy to understand as everyone watches TV. We’re all experts in our way.

In fact video is much easier to understand than trawling through pages of google analytics looking for that holy grail slice of data that will hopefully change the World for the better, or at least improve it a bit for this quarter..

Video gets watched, and even not so good videos still get watched.

All this is grist to the mill for our innovation-conscious marketer, who has already enabled shedloads of incoming web traffic and is now desperately seeking higher conversion rates from the website.

But all these reasons still don’t add up to to love on their own.

The love comes from the making video.

Marketers love producing video. It’s one of their favourite parts of the job.

Where else do you get the chance to be deeply creative yet highly visible – while still increasing that oh-so-important ROI.

2016 Digital Video Guide

Video branches out across all the disciplines the marketing manager is familiar with, such a graphics, writing copy, planning a message, targeting a customer persona, measuring results, planning photography shoots

– while adding a few new ones, such as involvement in a video shoot with a video camera crew and special fx, or dealing with cast, setting up locations

– and not least trying to devise a game-changing message to take the market by storm.

And in case you wonder, all this is backed up by the knowledge that marketers spend over $6BN on youtube ads a year.

Video was made to be loved by the modern marketer.

How sweet is that.

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