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You have given the green light for your animation project and chosen an animation studio to produce your video.

Now it’s time to lie back and let them get on with it…..

No – it’s time to collaborate!

Get to know the animation team from scriptwriter to illustrator – you may only meet them once but this gives you the confidence that dedicated professionals are behind your new video project.


Brand Guidelines

Your company has brand guidelines and you probably have wild animation ideas of your own.

So how do you implement those ideas without a total rebrand?

In short – you should be involved and approve of every stage of production, saving time and money by developing the right style of video.

We strike the balance between great motion graphic design ideas and meeting existing pixel-perfect branding guidelines.

We enhance your branding guidelines, instead of merely meeting them!


Target Audience

We always tailor videos to the target audience.

So first we need to know who will be viewing your video – what messages they need to hear and why. What they need to remember once they’ve watched it.

Sending out railway safety procedures to your office staff won’t make any sense to them – and the staff who need that information might not see the message.

So we ensure you get the full picture of the end product before we begin your project – so your video is developed for the right audience.


Animation Style

Communicating well with us helps define the right feel and pace for your video.

A fast-paced infographic is a great option, but it might not be what you want.

Telling us what you have envisaged will help us to create the right style and tempo for your video.

Another option is to have animated characters with multiple voice actors and create animated worlds for them to come to life in.

This way you can develop relatable characters to deliver your message.

Here is a free ebook about this developed by our head animator:


Delivering Your Message

After being well briefed, your animation team will fully understand your product or services and the key messages you need to get across.

There will be certain points in your video that need to stand out – the vital messages you want to get across. Memorable moments.

You can help do this by directly telling us specifics – whether by phone or email – whichever is more suitable.

We then develop a tailored creative solution – and become part of your team.



You have your animation and it successfully delivers key messages to your audience.

And it went ‘without a hitch’ because you were well involved with your video project from start to finish.

If you want to see our animation samples and find out more, visit our animation page:


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