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Google don’t put this in writing. But consider what they’re actually doing.

They’ve recently launched possibly the largest ad campaign ever undertaken in the history of the World.

Almost every youtube video has an ad at the start, an ad from Google themselves, telling us we need to have video on our websites, and in our online advertising.

Okay. We get it. Google says we need video.

It’s the sheer scale of 4 billion youtube plays per day that takes the breath away.

This is a lot of advertising, on a grander scale than anyone has ever undertaken.

The net result of this advertising can be simplified as 3 words.

These 3 words are: ONE PER PAGE.

A video for every web page.

This will stretch the imagination – and the budget – for some.

For others – and possibly this includes your competitors – they’re already planning for One Per Page.

And the truth is that One Per Page will cost you the best part of ten grand.

And Google’s telling you to do it.

The Impact of One Per Page

The people I fear for most are those leaders whose marketing know-how is based on the technology of earlier days.

I know from experience, that for many leaders getting just one video is seen as “both a good idea and a necessary evil”.

This minimalist attitude to video leaves bags of opportunity for the more enterprising companies, probably with younger leadership, to steal market share by actively pursuing a One Per Page video marketing plan.

How to spend 10 grand on Video

This isn’t hard.

Most B2B companies need:

> A Home page video

> A video for every Landing page

> A Video for every product or service sector

> One of more testimonials / case studies from happy users.

> Perhaps a technical excellence video, or an implementation video, or a Facebook video

Bringing all this together takes a Video Marketing Plan.

The Advantages of a Video Marketing Plan

A Video Marketing Plan gives a number of clear advantages.

> It lets you plan properly, and not knee-jerk overreact to, the new phenomenon that Google is busy creating

> It lets you plan your budget over a year, as a suite of web videos will take up to a year to implement.

> It encourages you to find a video production partner, rather than just find a video company piecemeal.

So now Google’s saying you need to spend 10 grand, your Video Marketing Plan will help you spend wisely and effectively.

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