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Why video?

Does anyone read your site text properly? I’m afraid not.

The aim of all video is to replace the key text on your website with a more powerful, persuasive streaming message.

However, video is a lot more than this.

The fact is that today people either don’t read text, or else read only the bare minimum to generally get the message. Your carefully constructed story is skimmed to the point of blandness. It no longer differentiates you. You disappear into the crowd.

Video literacy is replacing text literacy.

Video gets multi-messages over faster for today’s time-poor web visitors. They are impatient to get to the point.

To verify this, try using Crazy Egg Heat Map Software on your website. You’ll be amazed.

Every time, Heat Maps indicates how poorly pages are read.

Whole areas of even your homepage will never be read.

The same applies to other key pages visitors land on. What a waste of space.

Why five?

All websites have a homepage and several key category pages, typically four to six.

The highest percentage of site visitors land on the homepage, but the same number again land on the keypages as part of their route to visit-fulfilment.

A video on your homepage and on each of the keypages will substantially increase their engagement.

If you are trying to sell or to explain what you do, video will do a job that text and graphic banners just can’t match.

Attention span

Typically, someone reads a banner for a few seconds.

If the banner is changing several times, typically every 5-6 seconds, they might see two or three before choosing what interests them from the site menu and click to another page.

When they watch a Homepage Video (if it is properly made), they will engage for 30-60 seconds (or more) and be exposed to a steady stream of benefit messages and a proposition.

When they click to the next page, an even more targeted video repeats the job.

Literally, they’ll get the whole picture.

And they get into the swing of watching video.

Then, no matter which keypage they visit, there will be supporting and reinforcing explanations and propositions.

This is why multi-videos have become the norm. They work cumulatively to great effect!

Google loves video

A lot of search-engine-attractors can be built into a video.

And the world’s second biggest search engine, also owned by Google, is the video site, YouTube.

So, with multi-videos, as well as having them play on your own website you can create a company channel for them to play on YouTube. It costs peanuts to do this and can be done in a few hours.

Same for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Upload one video and it can appear in many places at once.

Boosting your ratings

The other thing you can do with your videos is have them transcribed. Our skilled transcriber did 26 for us in five hours at modest hourly cost. Ask us if you need this doing.

This transcribed text attracts further Google attention.

Every video boosts your website’s ratings. Google loves ya, baby!

People love video

When a video is made properly, it brings a lot of pleasure to the viewer (like any good TV show). And this audience is your customers, potential customers and industry peers.

When several are made in a high quality series with lots of creativity and great scripts, they reflect well on your company. They are branded to make your company shine, stand out and be remembered.

You are seen as an industry leader. Video is a powerful opinion-former.

Great for PR

If your press releases, articles in trade journals and magazines and your corporate brochures all have links to great videos, you are adding value to your media mix and creating synergy between your marketing elements.

The more videos, the more synergy opportunities. This creates a web of knowledge about you. It also creates trust.

Finally, what’s in it for you

To make best use of all your sales and marketing opportunities to become a rich and powerful business, use the richest and most powerful medium.

The more times you use video, the bigger the win. Try it!

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