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Q: Why do I need a corporate video for my company?


A: At first glance I was inclined to ignore this question as the person didn’t supply any details, and the question is so broad and non-specific. But then I thought that there must be a lot of people out there, who feel the need for a corporate video, but who aren’t sure of the rationale behind having one.

So here goes:

Corporate video delivers three qualities that companies can harness for themselves.

> Memorability

> Credibility

> Repeatability

Taking them one at a time

> Memorability
The reasoning behind this is that people remember what they see on TV. This is supported by early BBC research that says when sight and sound are combined (ie, as in video) then information retention is nearly doubled compared to either sight and sound alone. In other words, video is remembered almost twice as well as a brochure (sight only) or a podcast (sound only) This is a powerful differentiator.

Of course, the memorability of videos can vary greatly from an unforgettable high impact corporate DVD to a poor quality budget training video. But even the poor quality budget training video will show people a demonstration of what it is they’re required to learn, which is far more memorable than “stick men” drawings in a handbook.

Most people will agree that a video a generally more memorable than a piece of paper or web page.

> Credibility
It’s said that people believe what they see in a video. Since the video message has more credibility, it confers more credibility on the organisation who commissioned and distributed the video. These days, people say that if it doesn’t happen on television then it isn’t true, ie, it never happened. This is an exaggeration, but it’s a sign of the times we live in, where the media is all prominent and all powerful.

Overall it’s probably fair to say that you’ve more chance of being believed on video than you have in a brochure or website.

> Repeatability
A corporate video delivers a repeatable consistent message. It kills off chinese whispers, where everybody has their own personalised version of the message you’d like to distribute. For example, with a sales force, a video ensures everyone is pushing the product or the company in the way that you’ve determined is best. Or with a training video, you can ensure that all the learning points are covered correctly and that nothing is missed out. and hence be sure that competency will result, and not a mixed bag of results.

When you take all these three together – memorability, credibility and repeatability – it makes a powerful case for corporate video. There are still many other things to work out such as video style, content and runtime, but you know that if you get these things right, then your corporate video has the intrinsic capability to deliver.

Hope this helps. Have a look at some of our corporate videos here

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