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Marketers can quickly spot video duds

– those marketing videos that fail to persuade, fail to impress.

“It’ll never happen to me” is the marketing manager’s cheery response.

But fun aside, how do you produce the perfect digital marketing video?

Let’s take a closer look.

What is a digital marketing video

A digital marketing video is a video that uses library footage, graphics and photographs

– all compiled together – with or without voiceover

– in place of using traditionally filmed footage corporate video.

Many of the scenes, captions & charts are in an animated style, so there is always movement onscreen, and nothing stands still.

To help, here are samples of marketing videos across a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Who use digital video

Anyone whose B2B products and services don’t offer much visually.

For example, a global consulting firm with 6 international locations doesn’t visually offer a lot beyond offices, desks, screens, people working

– which less appealing compared with a plant hire operator with exciting cranes and big noisy bulldozers to film.

The same applies to software developers, technologists, business services, outsourcing services, financial sector companies, and many more.

So if your business is essentially non-visual then you may not need any filming.

And this is precisely where digital video comes into its own.

What is Digital Marketing video’s great strength

Digital marketing video is:

> faster to produce than traditional filmed video

> produced in an animated digital style, very in tune with 2015’s emerging digital business reality

> cheaper, possibly ½ to ⅓ cheaper than the filmed alternative.

Quicker, cheaper and in tune with today’s B2B marketing plan, the digital marketing video has grown from humble beginnings as a video slideshow with captions

– to becoming the bedrock powerhouse of many global video strategies.

How do I start

Here’s the nil cost starting plan to producing a digital corporate video.

Start by researching you, your market and your customers.

1 – Write down a list of your strengths

2 – Draw up a list of your competitors’ strengths

3 – Point for point, write down how you’re clearly differentiated from competing products & services in the marketplace.

4 – Now write down who your corporate customers are, eg, production managers, purchasing managers, CEOs, whoever buys from you.

From the above start you’ll know all the fundamentals of your digital video message

ie, what to say, how to say it, and who you’re saying it to.


Digital marketing video is the low cost video product B2B marketers have been waiting for.

It’s quicker and cheaper to produce, and looks in tune with today’s digital styles, as seen across different media.

It offers a perfect B2B communications solution.

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