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Not all Software Demos are simply a series of screenshots.

If you want your Software Demo to be an effective Sales Tool that generates real business - then you need to create Desire too!

You need to be able to show potential customers more than a simple 'how-to guide' - or a tick list of features

....that's not a sales tool!

But here's the question you're probably asking:

"How can I turn my software demo into something that sells for me?"

Well here's how:

Differentiation in Design

With so many software packages out there, standing out from competitors is of key importance.

This is where a high end video can really help to produce a better image of your software.

Put simply, the better the quality of the graphics and production, the better you look as a company.

And vice versa, a low budget Youtube style, screen recording video will lower people's expectations of your company

So you need to take the extra step if you want to be seen as a Pro!

After all, your client may well be risking their job by onboarding your package, so you need a high end approach that eliminates this risk.

A high end software demo video will also shorten down sequences - to cut the rigmarole and get to what really matters

- why a customer should buy your product!

To do this you'll need compelling infographics to tell as well as sell.

It's also good idea to show the software in use. For example a shot of the software, and then a shot of an example business scene it'd be used in

- ie a operations manager at computer desk looking pleased or interacting with it in a positive way.

It's gives some relatability to the audience, enabling them to think

"Yeh, I could see myself in that situation"

Another useful tool are supporting captions that are well animated & designed - they not only look more impressive, but they also aid audience retention

- so they're more likely to remember your important message.

 Script Messages

When people think of a video - generally the first thing that comes to mind is the visuals, which are obviously important.

But when the script is weak for some reason, you just know the video wasn't as good, and it doesn't have the impact you want.

Yet a semi-dud script is often hard to spot - until it's too late, when the video is finally completed and you get to see how all your ideas have panned out.

The script needs to explain what the software does - in a concise way, and it may will miss out some features.

But that's for another video - once a video gets too full of endless feature lists, people faze out.

Not only this, but the video needs to go further and make sure that the deliverables are clearly explained.

This video is not just about the software itself, it's about what the viewer gains by using it

- both as an individual gain, as well gains for their company.

After all, it's people who give orders, not companies!

If you look at video from major software providers, you'll notice they don't even show the software very much.

They show how much people have enjoyed and grown their own businesses through using the software - it's entirely from a user perspective

- and often packed with user testimony.

The more trustworthy and solution-focused you look - combined with great design - the more you can justify selling your products or services at a higher price.


As a business owner as well as a developer - it's imperative that you're results driven.

So when spending on marketing and sales support video, whether it costs a lot or little, it must conclusively prove that it helps you win.

Be prepared to allocate a budget to get what you need, as a low budget software demo, frankly, often looks like a low budget software demo.

Above all, you want a video that drive results.

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