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You’ll be tempted to choose someone local.

Probably a company who’s cheaper (usually) and whose work you’ve seen before.

However, an important factor to remember – if you buy local – there’s every chance that it’ll be a business video production similar to your competitors.

So you have to find another way to stand out from the local crowd.

Increasingly international corporates are coming to the UK for their video production.

This is because the UK has an exceptional standard of video production – just look at video samples online, and it’s clear enough to see.

But why is UK better?

The UK are international thought leaders for B2B video production and related media courses, whether at degree, post grad or earlier levels.

UK universities offer literally 100s of high quality courses on video production – and 1000s graduate every year.

And the UK has long, deep rooted history in successful business video production – of all kinds from corporate to training to animation.

This combination of deep rooted skills and capability is powerful. And it can work for you.

When you buy video from an established UK production company, you’re buying a proven methodology, proven creativity, and proven thought leadership – all focused at winning you more B2B sales.

It won’t be your cheapest option – this is obvious. But it will be your best bet at having a real sales tool – not just a cheap flashy video that has little substance.

It’s simple – buy less – win less

And it’s about your business, not local preference.

If you want to pitch at the top of the market, then you need the video production capability to back it up.

Have a look online – and make an informed choice for your next B2B corporate video.



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