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The facts and figures

Research into the working habits of company Directors and Managers show increasing engagement with B2B video..

76% of business executives watch business videos at least once a week, and 40 percent view them daily. (Cisco – ‘Enterprise Video – Top 5 Insights from Cisco IBSG Horizons Study.)

People like video

YouTube is now the biggest search engine after Google and is the go-to place to learn in-depth quickly and easily. This has boosted video as a device-friendly training medium and marketing tool viewable on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

90% of consumers watch online video. (MediaPost. ‘More + More Devices = More Multitasking’)

People don’t read text

This may sound implausible, after all you are reading this blog in an email, or on a webpage. It’s just stating a growing trend away from paragraphs of words towards minutes of video. Video is how people like to assimilate information today.

71% of purchasers say that video is the best way to bring product features to life.

Multichannel Merchant. (‘Give the Consumers What They Want: Video’)

Video gives better retention

The old BBC maxim still holds – sight and sound combined doubles retention. The basis of this increased retention is that video, especially factual business video, provides memorability. Your message sticks better because it can be more carefully constructed.

Retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs. 10% for text-based information.

(Social Media Today. Internet Marketing Trends and Tactics for 2014)

It’s easy to share

Business video is increasingly being used for peer-to-peer communication. Put it online and it’s a click away from your target audience. Usage is increasing on social sites and in digital advertising, giving it a global reach.

80% of marketers have plans to incorporate video into their email campaigns. (MarketingProfs. ‘Video in Marketing Emails: Trends and Benchmarks.’)

Keeps your message intact

When you structure a product or business message, you want content to be consistent. Consistency is the essence of good branding and signposts your quality and reliability. Video can give your corporate message layers of consistency: images, phrases, people, logos. It delivers the message precisely – time after time, adapted to anywhere in the world.

It can be used many ways:

– on your homepage, product and service pages, testimonial and case study pages.

– to quickly convey abstract ideas.

– for face-to-face meetings, events and seminars.

– in webinars.

– in emailshots.

It makes business websites dynamic

Video helps site visitors choose what to do next. It gets their attention and accelerates their fulfilment path by providing carefully structured options.

In eye-mapping studies of web pages, videos commanded more attention than other page areas. (KissMetrics. ‘7 Marketing Lessons from Eye-Tracking Studies’.)

Click-through rates increase

Video content gives a reliable return on investment which is why it is increasingly employed in B2B digital advertising. On web pages it lowers bounce rates. In emails it wins clicks.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. (eMarketer. ‘Which Content Marketing Tactics Get the Best ROI?’ )


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