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What B2B customers like about video

It describes your business perfectly

In one minute, your web visitors get a grip of what your company is about.

You make a best first-impression. They understand your service and those USPs that make you special.

Such as:

Your world-class product that solves their problem.

Your total reliability so they can stop worrying once they buy.

Your great, no-fuss team that gets the job done.

All your plus-points are seamlessly and convincingly portrayed in around 60 seconds.

Watch this example from a company with international aspirations

Video describes your customers perfectly

Most businesses check who has bought from you. What kind of people are they?

When a customer in their industry describes what they wanted and achieved, the buyer or researcher sits up and takes notice.

They’d be mad not to. It’s their competitive marketplace.

On-camera customers bring that extra dimension – real people using a fully-fledged product.

In a few seconds their comments establish that they are competent, astute and business-like.

Through them, you become more credible and trustworthy.

As many sales come via referrals, a two-minute testimonial video can be worth it’s weight in gold.

If your customers look like winners, potential customers appreciate there’s an advantage they can buy into.

It can describe new processes

New processes may not be easy to grasp first time. You need to get your head around them.

Abstract products or complex services, (e.g. hi-tech manufacturing or powerful B2B software), need their intricacies explained in a compact, logical and visual way.

Demo videos use people, graphics, animation, caption sequences and a professional script to get the message across. Their memorability is the key to a successful sale.

And video is repeatable. Your customer may watch it several times online as they gradually take on board the implications for their business.

Their sudden realisation that this product is going to make the company more productive and profitable is a great feeling when they are scouting for solutions.

Here’s an example that made industry professionals sit up and take notice

Using video to the max

If you want video to improve your business, specialist insight is essential. In B2B, there’s no substitute for experience.

Studio Rossiter has made videos for 25 years across industry sectors for class-leading companies.

We know what works for them and how to make your videos equally successful.

We freely give expert advice without obligation to buy once you have received it.

Whatever you decide afterwards, you will have had a fruitful conversation about B2B video.

Give us a call.

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