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A web video from Studio Rossiter is a business winner!

We make videos that are tailored to suit the client – and their website.

Your business has its own individual identity – we recognise this and work with you to make a web video that tells the viewer:

> what your company is about

> what it stands for

> and – most importantly – what it can do for them

We identify your business needs and expectations – and then we exceed them.

How Studio Rossiter does this

We do this by:

> writing a brilliant script – one that’s specifically catered to your business needs

> designing a simple yet descriptive storyboard – a blueprint of the video for you to approve before the shoot goes ahead

> using a skilled camera operator with the latest equipment for the shoot

> providing motion graphic designers, animators and professionally qualified editors – all of whom can boast a wealth of experience

> putting you in control by using an interactive dashboard – this allows you to monitor the progress of your web video as and when you wish

> giving you the option of having your own individual media player on your site – this will stop you from having to use web video sites like YouTube or Vimeo and their players

All of this comes together to make a web video that helps give your website the identity it deserves.

The benefits of having a Studio Rossiter web video on your website

In 2009 – research done by found that a web video engaged site visitors 2.5 times more than other forms of web media.

The website of 2012 needs a web video.

You want one – and the main thing on your mind right now is cost.

You’re looking for value for money.

But let’s face it – when we pay less, we usually get less.

And getting less does not always equal bang for your buck.

In recent years, the web video market has been flooded with freelance amateurs.

Yes, they’re cheap – they can afford to be.

There are certain things they simply don’t provide:

> A well written script – they’ll expect you to do that for them

> State of the art film equipment – they only have over the counter stuff

> Motion graphic design – they can’t afford it

So, your video will be second rate – and won’t capture the viewer.

A good web video on your homepage will reduce your bounce rate – a bad one will do the opposite.

Pay less and you will get less

But – pay a little more for a Studio Rossiter web video and you will almost certainly win more.

If you have a great web video that engages people – then your bounce rate will definately be reduced.

And by engaging with your video they’ll engage with your site – and will definitely want to look around.

We know this because we have been in the business for 23 years – and our clients know this because more than 50% of them choose to re-order from us.

They have seen the difference that a high quality web video from Studio Rossiter can make to their site.

So, where will your web business be in 2014?

If it’s doing better than today – it’s because you’ve chosen a good video supplier.

Click here to find out why a web video from Studio Rossiter will win for your business.

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