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Animated Web Video is a hot product.

It allows for a quirky yet informative video to be made quickly and cheaply.

If you have a brand that needs something fresh and appealing - whilst still remaining corporate - animated web video could be for you.

By using a tailor made character, you can connect with your prospective clients on a level that suits them.

I'm not saying that 'real' presenters are old hat, but with animated web video:

- your presenter can look however you want it to look!

- they can be in any environment you want!

- they can sound however you want them to sound!

And the best bit is that they don't take a millenia to make - nor require a huge team to produce!

A character animation editor could turn around a 30 sec animated web video project within a month - easy!

Of course, this has the knock-on effect to price.

A 30 sec animated web video can be produced for just £799.

So if your latest product doesn't quite suit a presenter video, and needs something a little more imaginative - why not try an animated web video.

With an animated web video on your website, the possibilities are endless!

Have a look on our site for a few of examples and more news on animated web video

Just imagine an Animated web video on your site!

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