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It’s naive to think that in 2013 people will come to your website and enquire at first visit.

It doesn’t work like that anymore.

What’s actually happening is this.

Just like you, people want to do their own research, become an expert – and avoid talking to a rep.

So what they do is:

> go to your site for an initial visit

> check out competitor sites as well

> come back to revisit your site if they still like you

> then they tell their colleagues, who’ll also want to visit you.

It’s only then – after 3 visits – that you get the lead or enquiry.

This 3 visit cycle is how leads are generated in 2013.

To recap:

> Initial Visit

> Revisit

> Colleague Visit

Let’s broaden out our enquiry a little more.

It’s now an established fact that web video increases B2B lead generation.

This is because an engaging web video makes it easy for a potential customer to understand and like your remarkable proposition.

But now the customer is doing all their own research.

And this changes things.

The first thing it changes is that they now need more than just an Intro Video.

They want case studies, testimonials, product or service details, tutorials, about you, and more.

They want to know a lot more about you before they pick up the phone, or complete the Contact Form.

Which is why you need a Video Marketing Plan.

What does a Video Marketing Plan offer?

A piecemeal approach to web video production is like a piecemeal approach to anything.

It lacks joined-up thinking.

Which begs the question: Would you take a random approach to marketing in any other arena except video?

No, you wouldn’t.

Joined-up thinking is what works.

A Video Marketing Plan is joined-up thinking.

It requires:

> analysing your markletplace

> analysing your strategic products and services

> analysing your client needs, and understanding their pain.

> and then coming up with a structured plan for video implementation over a 3-6 month period.

If it’s done well, more leads, more site conversions will be the natural result.

You can ask your video production company to produce a video marketing plan for you.

Or you can do it yourself.

The main point is to do it.

Or end up taking a random piecemeal approach.

At Studio Rossiter we’re happy to partner with B2B companies who want to take a more structured approach to increasing the yield from their website.

Maybe we can do your B2B video marketing plan too?

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