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You’ve identified your customer.

You’ve even identified an audience.

Now you’re asking “What’s the best way to reach them?”.

It’s hard to find a definite answer in 2012. The truth is, the video advertising industry is going through a transition.

So you have to make a choice – do we put our adverts on the web or on TV?

The growth of web video advertising

There can be little doubt that it’s a growing industry.

According to a 2012 report by E-Marketer, investment for web video advertising within the USA will:

> rise by 54.7% in 2012 (when compared to total investment in 2011)

> meaning $3.12 billion will spent on the production of web video advertising

The same report states that:

> By 2016, the United States will annually invest $9.3 billion on web video advertising

> This is an increase of more than 218% when compared to the $2.02 billion that was invested in 2011.

Television advertising doesn’t look as promising

Overall – for 2011 – investment in television advertising did not increase.

In fact, it went into a recession – by 1%.

Meaning that, in the UK, the television advertising industry lost over £541 million.

Nothing too drastic you may think, but when comparing it to the growth in web video advertising, it’s obvious what the future is.

Though it may be too early to say that TV advertising is “on the way out”, it’s definitely going to lose its dominant position.

Web video “represents the most explosive growth area in the digital space in the next three years”

So says David Cohen – the chief media officer at Universal McCann.

The web is taking over from traditional television broadcasting as the popular choice for visual information and entertainment.

And the technology that’s needed to achieve this has existed for some time.

All that’s been missing is popular desire to accept such a bold change.

And – of course – the much needed investment.

But this will all change over the next 5 years.

So let the revolution begin!

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