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As you’d expect, the holiday and leisure industry has been quick to embrace tourism video production – especially web video.

Sound and vision can be used to:

> Immerse the viewer into the overall holiday experience you are offering

A video will let them know what they’re missing!

> Attract new customers to your site

A properly optimised tourism video production will help your ranking on Google – so your site will appear higher up on Google’s search return.

And if put on YouTube – as well as on your site – your video can be found by those who are mainly interested in web videos.

> Keep new customers on your site

Most people would rather view a video than read a piece of text.

If you don’t give a web surfer something to look at then they’ll find something to look at – on your competitor’s site.

The sight’s and sounds of a destination can not be described by words alone

And – in 2012 – the best way to do this is through a video.

Whether it be a web video for your website or a video that has been made for an interactive presentation – it’s time to replace that bulky expensive brochure for something more attractive.

Providing visually appealing communications – like a tourism video production – will create a far nicer user experience.

What a tourism video production will bring

From the massive hotel complex in the Caribbean to the myriad of quaint English cottages in Cornwall, a tourism video production will bring many benefits.

Such as:

> A chance for the holiday maker to see your resort ‘in action’

A picture speaks a thousand word – a moving one speaks a million!

Though you may be using a camera that is of of the highest quality, a still image won’t show the palm trees swaying in the breeze or the spring lambs leaping through the meadow.

Only a video can do this.

And remember, the only thing better than watching something on a video is experiencing it first hand.

> A look of professionalism

Let’s face it – the tourist of 2012 is only willing to pay for for the absolute best.

A first class experience!

They know that a company that invests in a tourism video production will also invest in overall quality and service.

Given the choice between a holiday website that can boast a web video and one that can’t – well they won’t have to think that long before they come to the right decision.

> Show them what you have to offer in a way that’s appealing

List’s are boring!

You will have one that’s full of exciting leisure activities or ‘things-to-do’, but it will still have to be read.

And people don’t like reading.

A video will stop your list of attractions from simply being a list – it will make it a catalyst of anticipation.

Why not use past testimonials to describe your resorts many activities and events.

What you need to know about tourism video production

The tourism industry of 2012 needs tourism video production to engage with the the modern tourist – without the cost of shooting a TV commercial.

Brochures are bulky, expensive and ineffective.

If you want to capture, promote and broadcast the true holiday experience that your company offers – then tourism video production is the way to go.

Show what you can offer to the world – I guarantee you’ll be please with the results!

Click here for more information regarding tourism video production.

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