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Whether you need to sell to clients - or train your workforce - animated video offers you a different approach that is universally popular.

But the big question is: What style of animation to choose?

Four types of animated video style

> Character animation

> Explainer Video

> Infographic animation

> Mixed Media Animation

The above styles are a simplification, as they can be combined together in lots of ways.

But they're still a useful starting point.

Let's take a look at each style, and see:

> what it does

> who uses it

> why it works

Character Animation


Character animation is probably what most people think of when they consider animation, because we all love Family Guy.

Character animation can sell a product or service to the Marketer, as easily as explain a new workforce procedure for the Trainer.

Whatever your story, characters can interact with each other to unfold your key messages, as:

> a series of little mini-dramas that get people involved.

> as a Presenter "talking" to camera - just like a newsreader delivering the headlines - or a TV show presenter

However you choose to use your characters - the decision to use character animation could be one of a wide range of reasons.

An animated presenter or characters put real heart into an otherwise dry message.

They make explanations simple and memorable.

You can put them in unusual situations to make the message strike home, eg, put someone in danger, or show a good business going nearly-bankrupt - or gridlock a whole city..

Animated characters can employ shock tactics.

And you differentiate, whether

> to make a sales message stand out from competitors

> or make a training session more motivating

Infographic Animation


This is particularly useful in sales.

Especially when you have facts and figures to back up your sales pitch.

They come to us because they realise that they not only need to showcase their data, but they needs to demonstrate it in a way that is easy to understand - and looks good too!

A video infographic is the route one solution to this problem.

The use of graphics makes the numbers look easy.

And when potential clients are discussing potential suppliers - they're remember you - and your animated video presentation!

Video & Animation


Sometimes, you need the combination of live video or photographs with an animation dubbed over.

eg: show animation over workplace scenes when selling

eg: show animation over workplace scenes when training

Using video and animation combined can have a powerful effect, as it adds real context to the animated elements.

The face can give more personality, yet at the same time, you have developed a systematic process that can only be explained with animation.

By combining the 2 medias, you can cover every aspect of your story.

Explainer Video


Even though explainer video can include character animation - the main function here is explaining a process or solution.

Explainer animation can describe to the viewer exactly what you do - taking them through every step.

Not only is explainer video an informative 'tell not sell' sales tool - but it's a light hearted, approachable format.

So no matter how tricky or in-depth your solution is - the viewer will be eager to learn!

This stat from 2013 proves just that - "Animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20% according to Unbounce."

To see these animation styles and more - take a look at our Animation page


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