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It may seem like the dark art to those who don’t know. 
And for a novice it’s very easy to buy budget video software and try and make a go of it yourself. Usually, with varied results at best.

But, what actually makes a great Marketing Video edit?

Its a long process – that needs a lot of care and attention.

The first job is to ‘log the footage’ – which is analysing every single shot taken and deciding if it’s Bad, Average or Great. This gives a good basis on which to start the edit.

Once that’s done – the editor will create a ‘black and white’. This is a version of the video with voiceover, basic captions, footage and music – but no effects and no graphics.

It’s important to do this – as it sets the pace of the video, before the editor goes into detail with effects and post production.

If the video already looks good as a black and white – it’s going to be a winner.

This is an error novices editors can make – they delve in to the high end post production and graphics too quickly, and the real story is lost before they’re even properly started.


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Another common mistake that editors make is either to edit too slow, or too quick.

If the final marketing video is too quick, you may not spot it instantly, but it can become distracting rather than engaging, and you’re less likely to remember the message in the end.

If the video is too slow, it’s more obvious, you’re bored and you want to click away before it’s done.

It’s easier to spot this in the black and white – rather than when hours have been spent on graphics and trying to unpick the work.

Then it’s on to adjusting the edit slightly to fit timing and music perfectly, colourising the footage, cosmeticizing any people so they looks fresh and bright, and adding animation and graphics.

It’s not about using tricks – it’s about what works on a job to job basis.

Graphics are important – even with a video that is not primarily graphics based, it’s key that they go wit the company branding and add to the video.

When they stand out and look too flashy / out of place with the footage, this is the sign of an amatuer.

Once the edit is complete, the video will be shown to the client as a rough cut.

This is will be very close to complete – as a strict methodology has been followed with script and storyboard approval – which means it’s what the client is expecting.

No nasty surprises.

But there are always a few small changes, and any good editor will usually be happy to accept these.

Experience is the key factor in this whole process. A strict methodology helps, but experience and a real artistic touch can’t be manufactured.


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