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Corporate Video production is never as simple as just filming some video clips putting them together a bit and pressing "publish." They need to be post produced in order to really shine.
When we discuss post production, we mean everything after the initial shoot and pre production steps - so it's graphics, music, animation elements, sound effects - all the extra 'sparkle' that goes on top.

Here's a list to help you judge the final post production quality of any marketing video - as this is where the money spent really goes.

If you get used to spotting these fine qualities - when it comes to your own production, it should be near perfect, differentiating your video from weaker competitors.



  • Is the music too loud? Or too quiet? Especially with playback on a phone this can make a big difference - it can become almost silent.
  • Does the music theme fit the video? Is it appropriate for your target audience?
  • Is it music or muzak? Are you listening to one 4 minute track of boring repetitiveness?
  • Is the audio punchy, dramatic and important-sounding? Or wishy washy? Or just average?
  • Do any interview segments sound clear and equal sound levels , compared each other and to any voiceover?


  • Does the video edit flow well? Or does it seem disorienting?
  • Is the edit so fast you can't concentrate properly on the story? Or is the editing so slow you get bored?
  • Does the key business message seem obvious? Or do you feel the video keeps you guessing?

Video Colour

  • Are the shots bright, colourful and attractive?
  • Does all the footage seem to have a colour theme bringing the video together? Or is there too much contrast of colours and lighting?
  • Do all the people in shot look reasonably attractive? Have they been comesticised in a subtle way to enhance their looks?

Video Graphics

  • Do the animated captions and titles look sophisticated? Or do they look more quite basic? Are they as good as your other marketing materials?
  • Does the animation of text and graphics appear to unite scenes and bring things together?
  • Are captions short and very readable? Or are you trying to read a long sentence?
  • Do the graphics look like your brand and corporate identity? Or do they look more like an after thought that could be anyone's?
  • Is there any use of motion graphics, or lighting effects to highlight clips and key points?
  • Is there an overall visual effect, a unifying effect? Or are the fx more of a mish-mash of effects?


  • Does the motion of the objects match the style of the video? ie smooth and fluid movements for an elegant video or quick and jarring for a dramatic effect
  • Does the end of one action guide the viewer's eye to the start of the next action?
  • Does the animation of objects mimic how that object would move in reality? Do they feel natural?

Ask yourself these questions every time you view a corporate video - and this will help you to start to identify the level of quality you're looking for, and avoid companies who will provide less.


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