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2012 has brought a new method of corporate promotion and communication – the web video.

Made popular by the rise in social media, web video is finding new followers from the corporate world.

More and more businesses are adopting the medium as a way of communicating with both their existing client base and new customers.

Using social networking sites like Facebook, Goodle+ and Twitter, web videos not only reflect what a company is offering but can provide for the specific interests of the viewer.
How sites like Facebook identifies specific viewers for specific videos

Facebook uses its database – a database that is built by its members – to find a client that will benefit from your service.

Once this person has been found, it is up to you to let them know they have a need for what you are offering.

And the best way to do this – web video.

Using web video enables businesses to show what they have to offer without compromise.
Unlike text, still images or audio, web video forces the viewer to both hear and see something that is fixed to a linear timescale.

They have two choices – either watch or don’t.

Deviation is not allowed.

The smartphone – web video relationship

Though statistics regarding web video are still in their infancy – web video university estimate that people using Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone view web video’s 2.5 times longer than desktop users.

This relates to web videos appeal of being short and accessible.

The supply of readily available information is the new consumer boom.

You should always give the customer what they want – and they want a video that can be viewed anywhere, anytime.

So they view a web video on their Iphone, Android, Blackberry and/or Windows phone.
And they actually watch it … in its entirety!

Why web video is here to stay

Corporate web videos are basically adverts.

Their length ranges from around 2 – 10 minutes each.

Though most corporate web videos are around 2 minutes in length – this is still longer than an average television advert.

So more can be said.

And web video is cheaper than TV – not to mention more accessible.

A web video that is placed on a carefully selected blog or post has already reached its target audience.

And people actually want to watch web video.

The adoption of TiVo and Sky+ by most homes has been detrimental to the television advert – people can just fast forward through them.

The active audience that existed for TV advertising is taking a new interest in the product specific world of web video.

It’s the best way to reach who you want to reach.

Web video – the new bonanza

A transition is taking place.

I would like to say that web video is the next big thing – but it isn’t.

It’s the current big thing. A newly accepted norm.

Companies and advertisers alike have been aware of this for some time – and the gold rush has well and truly started.

Those that don’t want to be left behind need to start having their own web videos produced – and they know it.

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