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Q: Video productions for our website has been on marketing agenda for the last 6 months, yet we’ve still done nothing about it!

We like to be creative with our website, but my colleagues aren’t yet convinced how effective web video is, compared with the flash and rich media we already use.

And the website video production process is unclear.

We still haven’t met any web agency or video producer who can show us exactly why a web video or a series of web videos can make our site more profitable.

I’m sure you must get lots of mails like this, but I’d like to understand more about web video productions.

Where can you point me?

Marketing Manager

A: Following on this 5 day seminar on web video production, it’s time to look at The Value of a Power Script in Web Marketing Video

Let’s look at the issues when you create web video scripts.

Runtime & Content – 1

Web marketing video productions generally tend to be short, around 2-3 minutes and often less, even though sites like youtube tv operate a 10 minute view limit.

This is because recent web research and analysis shows that people frequently don’t sit on the internet and watch long company videos, unless they’re particularly engaging.

This short online runtime forces you to think hard about what you’re really trying to say.

This is good thing as it actively motivates you to eliminate talking about “what you do”, and focus sharply on the customer with “what you actually deliver” or “what exactly is your offer”.

It moves the crux of the corporate video storyline from you to them.

The best starting point for figuring out your web video message is to look at your home page or landing page, or your About Us page – the website page where your web video will be sited.

Is the page addressing the customer’s business needs? It’s not “what are you selling” but “what are they buying”.

And whatever the page is saying, the web video should echo.

Typically a web marketing video is 200-300 words long (though 80 words is not unusual), and in this time you have to convince your customer to take the required action, ie, meet your web marketing video objective.

Here’s a simple web video script to illustrate this point

Runtime & Content – 2

The simplest way to write a compelling power script is to write how you “heal their pain”.

You already know that every customer who clicks to your website does so because they have a problem.

So speak to the customer in their language, and let your web video production very quickly show how you solve their problem, how you heal their pain.

Typically your web video’s opening line will solve the customer’s problem.

You can follow this up with 1-3 deliverable benefits, couched in language that is both persuasive and easily memorised – and easily repeated to colleagues & champions, and others in the decision chain.

End on a clear proposition and call to action.

This is the surest way to develop an effective web marketing video script of any sort.

The Simple Message Wins

There’s always room for different creative approaches in any video.

The only thing that matters is that your creative approach works.

Strangely, what works best isn’t always as obvious as you might think.

It’s the simple message, not the slick message, that frequently works best.

It pays to dumb down.

As an example, here’s a case in point:

We’re all familiar with google adwords.

Studies consistently show that the adwords that win the most clicks aren’t the slick, clever ones. Surprised?

The ads that work the best are the ones that are simple and direct about how they help and what they offer.

And while it’s true a web marketing video is more a substantial message than a 2 line web advert, the same principle still holds true.

If you have to choose between being “obvious and basic” and being “sophisticated and clever”, then choose “obvious and basic”.

This doesn’t mean your web video shouldn’t be engaging or interesting.

But keep it simple. KISS.

The click data absolutely supports this.

Here’s an example of an online marketing video that gets right to the point over 2 minutes  It was made in Adobe CS4 running on Windows 7.

Finally: You needn’t worry if you’re not a great writer.

Making an impact counts, so make sure you’re assigned a professional scriptwriter to write your web marketing video script for you. Don’t cut corners on this. One successful friend of mine pays £2,000 to have a web page written!

A professional will work closely with you to develop, frankly, the best web video script you ever had – your Power Script.

In addition to the story they’ll also be able to suggest graphics, animation, filming, music, audio, voiceover and other creative elements. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

In part 3 of this web video production seminar we’ll look at the different styles of web video productions you can choose from.

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