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Q: Video productions for our website has been on marketing agenda for the last 6 months, yet we’ve still done nothing about it!

We like to be creative with our website, but my colleagues aren’t yet convinced how effective web video is, compared with the flash and rich media we already use.

And the website video production process is unclear.

We still haven’t met any web agency or video producer who can show us exactly why a web video or a series of web videos can make our site more profitable.

I’m sure you must get lots of mails like this, but I’d like to understand more about web video productions.

Where can you point me?

Marketing Manager

A: “Why web video productions?” This is the marketing question of the year.

It’s prompted me to publish a 5 part seminar – Web Video Productions made Simple.

Let’s start:

The Four Steps to an effective start with Web Video Production

The right web marketing video can really make a difference where your website’s business performance is concerned.

It can make sales and generate leads.

Web video works.

Yet as soon as web video gets mentioned in company, the conversation frequently switches to filming, graphics, shooting styles, visual ideas from tv, new video formats, favourite editing software, and all that technical production stuff!

And the professional reasons why a web video production is effective as a business performance driver tend to get overlooked, or given insufficient emphasis, or actual developement.

The fact remains that web video wins because it addresses the customer’s needs in a direct, simple and persuasive way – so they quickly understand what you have to offer, and can quickly decide if it is relevant to them.

It’s web video’s high impact relevance that brings the most benefit.

We know most people are impressed by a good video, and it’s not difficult to see how a web marketing video will strengthen any organisation’s brand appeal so they look “a better company to do business with”. And I think this applies all businesses, industries and commercial sectors.

What we’re all told about video is that a picture speaks a thousand words.

But did you also know that when you combine sight and sound (as in a web video) then information retention is almost doubled?

This research was first uncovered by the BBC back in 1950s, and it’s been true ever since.

It means people remember video. And the case gets stronger.

Recent Yahoo research (Aug 2009) shows that online video gets 250% more clicks than other rich media, such as flashes.

This is epic. Yahoo are saying that web video gets two-and-a-half times the clicks as rich media.

In effect, any quality web video production will dwarf a flash.

So how do you capitalise on this important knowledge, making your website win those clicks and perform better?

Let’s try and simplify this process with Four Steps to generating more leads or sales from your website using video.

You can also learn more about web marketing video productions here

Step One

Define Your Objectives

First and foremost when producing a web video: Define the objective of your web marketing video as closely and as tightly as possible.

You’d be surprised how many people, including seasoned marketers and professionals, neglect to do this properly, sort of taking it granted that everyone understands what you’re saying or implying.

Not so.

Your web video objective might include any of the following either, measured as direct conversions, key points of web engagement, or intermediate wins:

> Complete an enquiry form

> Make a sale

> Use shopping cart

> Make a phone call enquiry

> Enroll for a seminar or webinar

> Download a free white paper

> Use an online gadget or estimator

> Take up a special offer

> Participate in a blog

> Join a webcast

> Reduce your home page bounce rate or your exit rate

Whatever your objective, don’t let it simply be ” .. to describe our key features” or “… create a good impression”

Know what your core web video objective is.

A web marketing video is a precision tool. It’ll send traffic precisely to the target you define. So figure out your core objective, your target, and keep to it.

Stepping back further, your whole web page should also have a clear objective.

>> If your web page’s objective (your proposition) isn’t absolutely clear, then your web video productions won’t be clear either. And right now’s the time to sort it out. This is creatively refreshing to do. So if this applies to you, then get started.




Step Two

Solve the Customer’s Problem

Relate your web video productions objective to the customer’s problem or experience.

Consider: They probably came to your website as a result of a keyword search, or an email.

This keyword represented their problem, which they want to solve.

So ensure your web video production does provide solutions to their problem.

How does your web video heal their pain?

Anything in your web video that doesn’t address the customer’s problem has to be carefully considered, as it may be unnecessary.

Show you can heal their pain, and they’ll be interested. This is how to advertise yourself.

The reverse also applies, ie, if your web video productions only talk about you and your company then they’ll switch off -fast.

>> If you only pay slight attention to their problems, they will reciprocate and only pay slight attention to your web video productions.

Step Three

Check the Competition

Look at your competitor’s websites.

That’s right. Go and look at their landing pages or home page.

Open up your top three or four (or more) competitors’ websites as tabs in your browser (just like your cannier customers do to you)

Now compare their websites to yours.

Use your imagination and mentally put a web marketing video on your equivalent web page.

Start to visualise what would look right for your site, and would impress your web visitors more.

Try to imagine how you can stand out from your competitors.

What message do you offer that will relegate them to the back seat?

>> If you do this competitor comparison process you’ll soon start getting ideas for what your web video ought to be saying.

Step Four


This is important as it’s the basis of your web video production plan. You should do this first, before you speak to a video studio

So let’s sum up:

> Have a definite objective, something people have to do for you

> Ensure you heal their pain; be completely relevant to their need

> Check competitor’s web sites so you know what it takes to stand out from the crowd

With this knowledge in your mind for your project, you can plan your web marketing video production so it achieves your business aims, and beats your competitors.

>> There’s heaps of information on web video production services here

Part 2 (to be posted in a few days)) of this online aid to “web video productions made simple” is The Value of a Power Script in
Web Video

© Studio Rossiter 2009

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