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You’ve decided to use a web video as part of your new marketing campaign.

Good idea.

A web video is a great promotional tool – there’s no better way of delivering your marketing message. You just have to make sure it’s delivered in the right way.

The tone of your web video must be consistent – and it must reflect the unique selling points of your product or service in a way that’s easy to understand.

And one major thing that dictates the tone of a web video is its length.

A short web video

A short web video – one that’s around 30 seconds in length – needs to deliver a message that’s simple and to the point.

A video that tells the viewer:

> what you offer

> why it’s great

> and how they can get it.

For a short video, you have to Sell.

A long web video

A typically long web video is around 2 minutes in length.

Something that’s this long needs detail. For a video like this, you need to Tell.

If you Tell then you’ll engage the viewer – you don’t have to rely on them already knowing the details of your product or service.

And you’re not forcing an obvious pitch onto them – instead, you’re giving them the details they need to make a well informed decision.

After all, nobody likes to be sold to – we know what we want and we don’t need anybody to tell us otherwise!


Web video production – when to Tell not Sell

The Selling experience can be very exciting over a short period of time – but try Selling to somebody over a long period of time and they’ll find it oppressive.

Telling – on the other hand – can be long winded, and not beneficial to anyone who’s limited for time.

When deciding between making a

> Tell web video

> or a Sell web video

The questions you need to ask are:

> How much information does my product or service require?

> And how much time does my audience have?

When time is available – and needed – then Tell.

But if time is not available – but of the essence – then Sell.

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