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Q: Video productions for our website has been on marketing agenda for the last 6 months, yet we’ve still done nothing about it!

We like to be creative with our website, but my colleagues aren’t yet convinced how effective web video is, compared with the flash and rich media we already use.

And the website video production process is unclear.

We still haven’t met any web agency or video producer who can show us exactly why a web video or a series of web videos can make our site more profitable.

I’m sure you must get lots of mails like this, but I’d like to understand more about web video productions.

Where can you point me?

Marketing Manager

A: Part 5 of web video production seminar is measuring your results to plot business success. Previous parts have looked at the creative elements (interactivity, graphics, filming styles, studio editing, producer experience and so on)

I’d like to start to by mentioning two important things I’ve learned about buyers of web marketing video:

1 – They believe using a video will communicate their message better, and so improve their website’s performance, ie, help produce more leads or sales, or reduce their bounce rate.

2 – They believe a video will make them stand out from the competition, ie, help produce more sales or leads, like an advert does on tv.

Neither of these assumptions is wrong. Far from it.

But until the results are measured, you’ll not know for sure if they’re good guesses or true. or know exactly how well your web videos work.

Measuring the success of your web marketing video means:

> You can demonstrate how effective your original web video production investment was

> You can confidently make plans to produce more web videos, secure in the knowledge they have a good chance of making your business more profitable.

How web video performance results are measured

In 2010 this is still a grey area, but it’s improved on 2009, and is miles better than 2008. But there is still no standard low cost or free web video metrics package on the market that can tell you everything you need to know. Hopefully there is some new commercial development in the pipeline.

To accurately know how effective your web video is, the information you want is:

> How many plays a video gets

> How long each viewing is, and the average viewing time (usually measured in seconds)

> What keyword was used to get the video play, for example, an expensive Adword keyword? Or a “free” SEO keyword? Or a new site visitor, or a return visitor

> What page they went to next, or if they exited

> How many enquiries/sales came as a result of a video play, compared to enquiries where the video wasn’t played.

But still the easiest measurement anyone can make is to measure the Bounce Rate of the web page, both before and after the web video was installed.

Bounce Rate is the % of visitors who arrive on the page, and leave without going anywhere else.

The target Bounce Rate for any page is between 22% and 35%. Any higher is a problem, and 50% or more is fairly dire.

You need to know your landing page or home page bounce rate. And the little web film you produced should reduce this bounce rate.

How you get web video play information

There are a number of sources for this info.

But often you’ll have to compile info from different data sources on the internet to get an accurate picture, which is awkward but currently unavoidable.

> Your server may have reports that show video plays. Video servers always do this. Youtube also offer some information. But you still have to tally this with your regular webstats

> Your web stats package (eg Google Analytics) may show also video plays. Hopefully by 2011 this may be more developed.

> Your web video player may include tracking code, which your webstats package can then use to report on.

> If you stream video from an online high quality video server, like Vimeo, they’ll give you play figures.

If you can get this info then good. It’ll show you how engaging your video is, measured by the length of time people view it for, ie, did they view a one minute web video to the end, or did they stop after 30 seconds?

An expensive professional web metrics package may include all these things, but expect a high cost for this. Especially when Google Analytics does most of it for free.

How else to interpret video web stats

Look at your completed sales or enquiry form data. Then backtrack to see how many viewed the web video before buying. And equally, check how many didn’t view before buying.

Your web stats package should show the path the visitor took before finally arriving at your Contact form or Cart, and completing it.

You can also look at your number of enquiries and sales. Has this increased since you got your web video?

How many people go to your Contact Us page? Has this increased since you got your web video? Your Contact page should be seeing more traffic.

If your Contact page is seeing more traffic, but not much increase in enquiries, then you should also consider improving this page.

All of these statistics will help you form a picture of how well your web marketing video is performing for you.

If you get business through telephone calls, then ask callers “by the way, did you see our video?” This one quick question will give you the feedback you need.

Sales staff need training and managing in order to get them to do this, otherwise they won’t ask. So create a system, if you don’t already have one.

This now concludes or 5 part series on web video production. I hope you found it useful.
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