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Q: Video production for our website has been on marketing agenda for the last 6 months, yet we’ve still done nothing about it!

We like to be creative with our website, but my colleagues aren’t yet convinced how effective web video is, compared with the flash and rich media we already use.

And the website video production process is unclear.

We still haven’t met any web agency or video producer who can show us exactly why a web video or a series of web videos can make our site more profitable.

I’m sure you must get lots of mails like this, but I’d like to understand more about web video productions.

Where can you point me?

Marketing Manager

A: Part 3 of this 5 part online seminar on web video production is possibly the most fun.

Picking the best web video production style

If you viewed the web video link above, you’ll now know that the five major web marketing video styles commonly available to choose from are:

> Voiceover-led video, usually around 2 minutes

> A 30 second Video Ad

> A Presenter-led video

> A Talking Head video

> A Customer-led Testimonial video

> Video blog

Obviously, you can mix and match these production styles to create your own style. But for now we’ll look at making each one separately.

Voiceover-led Videos

We’ve all seen this style of web video. It’s usually high on everyone’s list. The voiceover, normally a professional, narrates the scenes we see on screen.

Voiceover video is very popular because a well-spoken, well-told story has real clout. It persuades.

Edited video footage, graphics, captions, titles and effects flash over while the voiceover anchors the whole storyline.

Voiceover video is also relatively easy to write.

The key is to use a professional scriptwriter, and a professional voiceover.

Filming should be kept to a minimum unless you’ve got budget to burn.

So arrange to have the full shoot completed inside one day, preferably in one location. You’ll get better value this way.

If you need images from other locations, then see if you can use photographs. No one minds a couple of photo images in a video, if they help tell the story.

30 second Video Ads

A Video Ad is a low cost way to get started with web video, productions, and make your site (particularly the landing pages) stand out from competitors.

Because they’re so affordable, many customers have more than one video ad to showcase each message for their different products and services on different web pages, even showcasing free offers with a Video Ad.

A Presenter-led videos

Using a presenter can make your web video much easier to produce.

At the low price end, the presenter can talk about your company, demonstrate your product, or describe your service with feeling and direction, using stills, graphics a a physical demonstration to illustrate products or sales points.

Because the presenter can demonstrate and handle products, your viewers can see exactly what your product does, and how it works.

People like presenters and are persuaded by them. Which is why they’re often used in videos for the web, as well as tv adverts and video blogs.

A presenter can also add a level of emotion and enthusiasm that doesn’t come across with voiceover.

A Talking Head videos

A Talking Head (or VIP) video is usually you, or someone senior in your company, talking to camera about your products or services.

With the aid of a teleprompt (autocue), no memorising of scripts is required.

And with green screen the subject can be keyed onto a corporately styled graphic background.

Importantly, talking head videos are fairly cheap and easy videos to produce, so it’s not too much of a problem to make a series of productions.

A Customer-led Testimonial videos

Testimonial web videos won’t explain what you offer, but they’ll clearly show how delighted your customers are. They are a first class promotional tool.

Whether it’s a new household time-saving product, or a major construction project you’ve just completed, the power of the happy customer should never be underestimated.

Video blog

Who’s reading blogs when we could be watching them?!

Blogs, a real child of the internet, can form a large part of a company’s social media and SEO strategy, and a video blog is one of the easiest ways to keep a blog fresh and up-to-date, as speaking on camera for a video blog is far easier and quicker than writing articles for a text blog.

Having your blog produced professionally will cost more than a home-made or in-house produced video blog.

But a professional job will look and sound perfect, it’ll be professionally lit, and you’ll be coached by professional scriptwriter and/or director. a production team with years of experience. And it can be shot at your business or in a studio.

And the uploaded video will be correctly tagged and keyworded for search engines, so other bloggers can easily find your video and talk about it on their commercial blog, and link to it.

All that remains is for you to choose the online video production style that best suits your business requirement and your pocket. And don’t forget you can also provide interactivity to any web video you deliver.

In part 4 of this online web video production seminar series, we’ll look at how the visuals in a web video can motivate your website visitors to act.

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