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Q: We’re a Home Counties software developer selling a professional package into a dedicated market niche.

We have two problems – we need video to answer common user support problems – and we need video to demonstrate our software.

We’ve tried making it ourselves using CamStudio, but the results are not professional enough.

What do you advise?

Software Development Company

A: Web video production is easy in principle, but much harder when it comes to actually getting it right enough so that:

  • Visitors are impressed with the quality experience you provide
  • The demos don’t ramble on forever
  • The key benefit messages are quickly and clearly spelled out so buyers can make quick decisions

There are three key features that distinguish a web video that’s professionally produced from an amateur job.

I’ll list them for you.

Web Video Production for Software Demonstration

  • A professional script will ensure the video doesn’t ramble or drag on
  • A professional voiceover will make an impressive delivery
  • The use of graphics and creativity to highlight key points, and create interest in your film.

There are numerous other points to also consider.

The runtime of the web video production.

2011 view statistics show that user interest starts to tail off after 2 minutes.

So if your video needs to be 4 minutes long, then consider breaking it down to two 2 minutes video modules.

Use a juke box video player

Rather than publishing a bunch of web videos running down a web page (as many in your industry do), a video multiplayer – often called a juke box – allows you to get all your videos right up there at the top of the page where it counts – rather than burying them down a great long page.

There’s a software vendor web video production here, and a video multiplayer

Produce a motivational web video

On your home page it’ll pay you to have a short 30 second teaser video, outlining your software’s key features – and your offer.

Consider: If a potential new user is looking at apps for your market niche, they’ll probabaly have 4 or 5 tabs open of competing vendors.

You can make your website stand out with a home page video.

And with one click, customers will be quickly reassured that you have exactly what they’re looking for.

You’ll steal a march on your competition.

Testimonials on video are also worth serious thought.

Delivering your web video production

You can stream your mp4 video from youtube or vimeo, and other free servers on the internet.

But quite often there are black bars around the video.

And you have the youtube brand smearing your corporate identity.

Streaming from a brand-free video server, and having this professionally setup for perfect integration into your web page is worth considering.


It can take years to develop a commercial world-beating app.

  • To stand out from the crowd your web video production needs to look and sound professional
  • Keep your web videos short and make more of them
  • Produce a home page motivational video to quickly catch passing customers.
  • Use a professional web video streaming service.

The choice is yours – to increase your sales either gear up your in-house web video production – or use a professional web video production company







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