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The right web video production will bring pupils, parents, students and families to your website – and keep them there.

A web video is the perfect tool for showing what your learning establishment is really about!

There is no better way to get your message across.

With a web video production you can:

> Show the viewer what facilities your school or university has.

> Show the viewer what your education establishment specialises in.

> Show the viewer why your school or college is the right choice for them!

In other words – you can show the world what makes you different.

How a web video production does this

Whether it’s for a school or a university, a video on your website will boost your profile. In fact I’d go so far as to predict by 2015 all school and college websites will have a video on their home page.

Just ask the large number of educational establishments that have one.

For a school or college, it can:

> Stop the worries of anxious parents and family members

We all want the best for our children.

A web video production will help you put a family’s minds at rest – use it to show them your school as a secure and nurturing place.

> Show off your achievements

Whether it be an excellent Ofsted report or brilliant GCSE and A Level results – a web video production can be your megaphone on the internet!

> Describe the benefits of further education

College or sixth form – which is better?

It’s obviously the one you offer – use the web video production to tell them why.

For a university, it can:

> Explain why your university is better than others.

Less and less people are going to university – the student market is being downsized. And university marketers know it.

Now is the time to act.

> Sell to overseas students. They are the “new client”.

People from all over the world see British universities as the benchmark of higher education – and they are willing to pay them!

> Help you shout about what you do best

Every university has it’s own area of expertise.

Let a web video production tell the world about yours.

A web video production doesn’t just have to be for the web

A True 1080HD MP4 video doesn’t have to be exclusive to the web – it can easily be transferred to DVD’s.

After all, the last thing a family wants to do is huddle around a PC screen.

And DVD’s aren’t expensive – they could very easily be distributed with your establishments prospectus on film.

This is the perfect way to provide an initial overview of your school or university.

Or why not use it in a presentation?

Whilst other places of education are using a boring slide-by-slide projection to show what they have to offer, you can use your web video production.

Why not give your presentation the wow factor – leave your audience in no doubt of what you are offering!

Remember: The amateur home presenter has to be your professional presenter. So help them get it right.

Why a web video production is needed for schools or universities

Due to a number of factors, such as …

> growing population

> rise in tuition fees

> online courses

> international study

… the competition amongst places of study is growing.

In 2012, you no longer just have to think about getting the students with the most potential.

You have to think about getting students which is little bit more than a few press friendly articles or some “youtube”.

Click here for more information about getting a web video production for your school or university.