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Q: We need to produce a web video to promote our manufacturing plant in Liverpool. We want to direct all our clients, both UK and overseas to our company website where they could see for themselves the quality of our plant and equipment.

Would this be cheaper than a DVD? How long should it be? What should we expect? What do we need to do by way of planning? How much do we need to learn when promoting our plant. Please advise, give comments.

Managing Director

A: Web video production in 2009 differs significantly from DVD production, whether you’re a manufacturer, a retailer, or a commercial or public organisation.

Web video has relatively fleeting audiences, while DVD tends to have captive corporate audiences, so web videos must be shorter and more compelling in the relevance of their message. Two minutes is usually fine.

Web video is small screen, and so has less free area to show content, while DVD and TV is big screen, and has to be filled with visuals, often with fine exquisite detail. So web videos don’t need to be as visually complex or subtle, even though they can be just as powerful.

In short, business web video productions are smaller, less detailed, much shorter, and very much more to the point. Goodbye 2008 and all it implied for video production.

The Web Business Message

For a manufacturer who wants to show scope and capability, and create a credible impression, this has a number of implications when producing a web video.

On the surface of things, making a web video is about showing the plant and the facilities, and and generally demonstrating the truth of your advertising and marketing claims.

But the underlying message and the whole corporate slant will be to focus on:

> The three things you do really well, expressed as deliverable benefit to the client. So the new CNC facility means you can customise production to small orders.

> Ensuring your three key deliverables in some way preclude your competition. So you can emphasise your niches where your competitors are less strong.

> Delivering a compelling offer. It’s not enough to say who you are, where you are, and what you’ve got. You have to express this is a form that is so compelling that any prospective new clients will be drawn to you like bees to honey. End on a high.

I’ll just quickly recap this solution:

> Deliverable benefits only

> Preclude competitors

> Have a compelling offer or proposition

Focus on the user need is what works. Call up a few customers and ask if you’re not sure.

A DVD perhaps should also follow these rules, but an web video production certainly must, or it simply won’t be as effective as intended, ie, less sales leads, shorter plays, and more bounces instead of less.

You can discover a range of creative web video production options

Production Features &Tools

Managing your video project should be simpler.

A day shoot is usually enough to film a manufacturing plant & works, and the relevant design offices.

A strong graphic theme element should be introduced as factories are often boring to look at, especially on small screen.

Graphics and captions will make the production look more cheerful, and keep viewers interested, as well as support your branding.

So will the use of video effects and good quality music, sensual audio, and professional voiceover. It all adds up to a better viewing experience.

Where this will differ from DVD developement is that less shots will be needed, and less detail needs to be shown (small internet screen here, not big screen)

Formats aren’t a problem. Use flv flash video for streaming (the youtube standard), and wmv windows media video for download or powerpoint inclusion.

Manufacturing Web Video Production Overview

Because your web video production is shorter and less detailed than a DVD you can expect to play less. So shop around, and check out a wide range of samples.

While details matter, be sure any scriptwriter you use is good at condensing messages, as much as developing visual storyboards (the book of the movie!). You may want an actor to play a customer being shown round, but this isn’t essential. Neither is a presenter.

Ideally you should look for an off-the-shelf web video production package that suits your requirements. A good web video producer should be able to show you a range of included options, and provide samples. You can ask if their studio uses Adobe After Effects CS4 technology too.

Every manufacturer should have a web video production. Or three or four.

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