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Q: We’re looking for a new website with video, for our financial services business.

We provide flexible finance to companies on a fixed or ongoing basis.

We need a website to get started, but obviously don’t want to pay too much, as we’re a new company.

We don’t know that much about the web, but we’d like to develop our site later on to win sales enquiries and leads.

Will video greatly increase the cost? What sort of web video do you recommend.

What do you suggest?

Managing Director
Financial Services Company

A: Including web video in your startup website is a good idea. Immediately, web visitors will take your company more seriously.

A VidShort is a low cost web video solution for delivering a structured and meaningful sales message to visitors in a 30 second time frame.
I’d suggest it plays on your home page, ready to watch on arrival. It’s bit like having your own tv ad.

The net effect of a VidShort is that less visitors will exit the site immediately, without first taking a look around.

We call this reducing your Bounce Rate, ie, stopping visitors exiting without taking a look around.

Learn more about Small Business Digital Video here.

Looking further at your website, I’d recommend a smaller site, maybe 5 pages.

This way you can afford to hire a scriptwriter to write your web pages.

This is important.



Even today, most companies write their web pages inhouse, and it shows as dull quality.

For example we see page after page of “we do this, we offer this we have that blah blah”, when what the customer really wants to hear is “we solve your problem, because we offer these three unique features, packages as a remarkable proposition”

Home-made written pages is “so 2009” 🙂

With a professional scriptwriter you’ll get impactful pages that customers can connect to. With this feature included, you’ll get an edge on your competitors. Most off all dont try to write it yourself, unless youre really confident in your writing abilities. Get it created, something original to perfectly match your customer needs profile.

I’d also ensure you have an enquiry form and telephone number prominently displayed right along the top banner on each page. This way the customer doesn’t need to click away to get in touch, and possibly become distracted (they can and do!)

Another key feature is being able to update your web pages on demand wherever you have an internet connection. This means that if you’re travelling around and have a great idea for a new web page, or a product update needs to be added, or a comment on a new government regulation, data or law, you can quickly write it and post it yourself, without recourse to a specialist. Self-publish on demand in minutes.

I could list many features, but the broad outline above will leave you a web site ready to receive adwords traffic if you choose to go in that direction.

Or you can easily add a blog if you want to build your SEO. This way you can get user comment and make replies, and hold a dialogue, which search engines like. You could also add audio and make downloadable podcasts or tutorials. If you write useful, readable stuff, you’ll get links from other blogs, and a lot more traffic. Just be prepared to keep it fresh and recent.

Importantly, a home page web video will show you mean business. And an engaging one will work, persuading visitors to enquire.

Try to think ahead to 2011 and consider what people will expect from a website.

Covering a few technical considerations on web video:

> You don’t need any special software or an encoder for video clips. It plays online on any website.

> You can use a free player.

> Don’t bother offering a download file version. Used streamed flv or mp4 files only.

> Get your video tagged in Google Analytics to see how many converted visitors viewed the video. This is a technology to learn for life.

> Streaming video is free from youtube, but a subscription server (with a support network) will avoid having to display their brand

Personally I’d recommend adding web video to a startup website as it makes a difference.

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