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Q: As part of my business plan, I would like to incorporate a corporate video on my website and also be able to send a link to my current or/and potential clients.

The background is that I’m setting up my new business (website site on the way) as a consultant in the North East region.

I already have 5 successful stories as testimonials to my professionalism, creativity and efficiency, as well as great results.

The whole idea behind this, it is to be able to create an awareness of my services and sell myself really (launch/demo and etc).

Can you help with some ideas and advice as to what I should, or should not do


A: The trickiest job for any startup is to establish credibility (er … excuse me, we’re new)

The best solution is to get customers to speak for you, ie, client testimonials as web video

This also happens to be one of the cheapest ways to produce a corporate video.

A web video like this has miles more impact than a typical voiceover video.

Here are a bunch of reasons why streaming client testimonial videos are better:

> Clients tell the truth. They’re believed.

> They’re innately interesting if they’re talking about something common to you and the target audience. “High Relevance” is the newspeak for this.

> Video testimonials look good when played on the web. They enhance the design and look of the web page.

> You can intercut footage of you speaking to camera, acting as a link to give continuity and structure to the storyline.

> When you’ve got very little in the way of visuals to show, which is often the case with a startup, then client voxpop faces will fill in the gaps.

> You can also fill in gaps with photographs.This can work better than many people think.

> With professional titling and captions in your corporate style, and suitable post production to make your subjects look better (younger, more pleasing etc), your web video will look a lot more expensive than it actually cost

Find out more on client testimonial video

Prices can vary depending on whether you need one simple testimonial, or a multi-location video shoot.

At the top end you’ll get a single web video plus a few extra small flash video flv clips to cheer up other pages on your website (or start your own YouTube channel)

If it’s shot in HD then playback quality will be improved, especially when played back as wmv (windows media video file) on a laptop and projector.

Let me reiterate the benefits of this style of web video once more:

> Instant credibility

> Ideal for the web, as streaming heads don’t need much bandwidth

> You may get more than one video for your money

> Works in Powerpoint, DVD or web stream, to cover all your customer touch points

> You don’t need sets or complex resources to film. Just happy customers

You’ll also need to allow help for planning the questionnaire script.

Web video, particularly client testimonials, will add to your credibility as well as explain your scope and capability.

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