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Q: We sell high end kitchens directly from our website, which involves a considerable monthly adwords spend.

We’d like a web video to make our landing page more attractive, but I’m not sure what kind of video we need.

What sort of web video production do you recommend?

Managing Director

A: This is a common situation for potential web video buyers. A company spends thousands (or hundreds) of pounds each month on Google Adwords, only to find that some days there is lots of traffic and sales enquiries, while on other days there is virtually nothing.

One business customer added the comment that “it’s a bit like trying to read the weather!”

This is also a relatively new problem. In 2008 and 2007 there were far fewer internet advertisers. But now in 2009, with a backdrop of partial recession (and a quiet January, February and March for many), we see companies aiming more of their marketing spend at Google Adwords, fighting to get their share of the market.

The competition is stiff, and if you’re not winning the battle of the clicks then someone else is.

You can find out about different types/versions of web video here

Solving the Problem

The first step to solving your problem is to click your ad and then click all your main competitors ads, and line them all up in a row as separate tabs on your browser.

Now look closely at each landing page.

Think hard. How do you make your landing page more compelling than your competitors?

What makes people click?

A web video is an obvious idea, as it’ll bring your page to life, especially to B2C and domestic customers who are looking to be impressed by what you offer. And you can be fairly sure that most of them will prefer to watch than to sit there reading. No download required here.

Initially I’d recommend a Video Ad, for 2 reasons.

Why a Video Ad?

A Video Ad is a low cost “sting”. It’s millimeter sharp, unlike an expensive general tv network ad. It’s more a web video taster that will get online shoppers thinking about your offer, and inducing them to get in touch. Or at the very least to check out your Contact page, instead of just bouncing off the landing page.

And because it’s low cost it’s something you can afford to test out without breaking the budget or the bank. 

High impact and low cost make business sense. And it’s miles better than youtube style alternatives.

Testing the Performance

To measure how well your Video Ad performs I’d recommend you use multi-variant split testing.

Split testing is something that Google offer free as part of its Adwords service, though there are other systems.

You post your web video and arrange to show half your users the Video Ad (your web video flv file stream), and you show the other half the old web page with graphics, illustrations and text.

Over a 100 clicks or so you should be immediately able to measure 2 things:

> Which has the lowest bounce rate – the video or the non-video page

> Which has the highest conversion rate (actual customer enquiries) – the video view or the non-video view page.

Regular traffic behaviour reviews will reveal all this.


Because a Video Ad is low cost, it’s also fairly low risk for any adwords player.

With split testing you can measure exactly how well it does compared to not using video.

If the increase in incremental page performance is worth it, then you’re on the first rung of publishing web videos on every important page of your website, reducing unwanted bounces and increasing customer enquiries.

Hopefully you can see that Video ads are becoming an increasingly important part of web video.

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