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We live in an increasingly visual and fast paced age – and it is easy to see why. 
Recent Microsoft studies indicate an ever decreasing attention span amongst a generation of consumers, who are used to ‘instant gratification’.

It’s in the best interests for any business to make its point quickly and well. And what other medium could be as engaging and easy to utilise than video?

The rapidly growing availability of high-speed net access and smartphone use means that quick communication with your target market is ever more possible, not to mention desirable.

Global mobile data traffic grew 69% in 2014, with mobile video growing to 55 percent by the end of 2014 (Cisco) – This huge growth is not something to miss out on.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons – with proof – why you need a marketing video for your website.

There is no second chance to make a first impression

With the average UK bounce rate currently at around 40%, the hard work you have done to drive traffic to your site is undone within 2 seconds in 4 out of 10 cases.

However, research for Website Magazine found that customers are prepared to watch videos ‘60% of the time they are found’.

In addition, research for comScore found that video increased a customer’s stay on a page by 2 minutes and their likelihood of buying by 62%.

Video is easier to optimise for search engines

If SEO is executed properly, a video is far more likely to top search lists than any other content online – appearing, according to Marketingweek, in about ‘70% of the top 100 listings.’

Beauty may only be skin deep, but it helps

A well designed, well presented website (for both desktop and mobile platforms) confers instant status on a company.

This is boosted, with video – especially those with interactive menus and made to professional standards.

A web video can earn the confidence of a customer far quicker than a block of text designed with the same end in mind.

It’s been a long while since it killed the Radio Star, but video is still the future

With comScore reporting that over 72% of people now access the internet using more than one device, they also found, for the first time, that mobile is now ‘more engaging than desktop, accounting for 56% of all time spent on the internet.’

Video is much more mobile friendly than text and therefore a great way of making a first impression with an ever growing market.

One simply must keep up with the Joneses

Or, if at all possible, beat them to it.

Web video is on the rise to such an extent that a spokesperson for YouTube was reported in Forbes Magazine predicting that ‘video would soon be 90% of Internet traffic’.

The future comes quickly and it is always better to break new ground than to make up lost ground.

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