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Q: We would like to create a 5 minute video outlining the core features of our software services.

Please could you provide me with an outline of a basic corporate video combining graphics and a voiceover.

Kind regards

Marketing Support Executive

International Software Services Group

A: A unique feature of your software services is how closely and effectively you work with clients.

I think your corporate video needs to show how this important process really works.

An explanatory animated graphic would achieve this, as it will bring your process to life in a way that customers will intuitively understand.

I’d also suggest using a professional presenter, rather than dry voiceover.

A presenter will make the video programme much more watchable, and obviously less dry and technical (which your service is)

The presenter can be shot against a green screen so they can be later dubbed in the edit over a graphic corporately styled background, rather like they do in many television news programmes.

The presenter could be intercut with suitable graphics describing your service, making it a much more watchable video than just voiceover.

And it would put a human face on the operation.

This style of video will stream online well too.

Compare the idea of a presenter and graphics with the old school idea of shots of people in offices, and PC screens accompanied by dry voiceover.

I think the presenter concept wins hands-down.

As an international group you’ll probably need foreign language versions producing.

Many people think a presenter video is expensive to translate into a foreign language, so they opt for voiceover-led video instead as it’s cheaper.

The net result is that the style of the video is downgraded and people think this is unavoidable. Not so.

Here’s how it’s done:

> You’ll need a different presenter for each language, inc US and Irish English

> Arrange for the presenters to each arrive at the studio on the same day, at one hour intervals.

> Film each of them against green screen, using a teleprompt. If you use teleprompt it avoids them having to learn lines so you may be able to negotiate their time for less and make a saving.

> In the edit suite, dub over the foreignspeak presenters, and swap out any english captions for foreignspeak captions.

That’s it. Your corporate video in several languages, at a reasonable cost – not that much more than using professional foreign language voiceovers.

As well as presenter shots, you’ll also need footage of PC screens in action, adding to the visual diversity of the video production.

Here’s info on our video production services

Shots of your team at work with clients would also add flavour

3 mins might be a better runtime tha 5 minutes. Consider if this is possible. Brevity is always better.

For the same money as a 5 minute video you get a much more punchy production, as your resources are spread less thinly.

Let me expand on this:

The power of a modern production comes in large part from its post production effects.

This can include animation and colourising, and the keying of text and images over other images.

This takes time. It’s not unusual to spend an hour of post production time on every second of runtime.

A hour for every second?

Yes, I’m afraid so.

The best work often demands this.

So for the same money, why not pack more into a shorter video, than dilute it with a longer video.

The result will be a much more powerful, classier video production.

Obviously you’ll need a first class scriptwriter to ensure the essentials of your message can be comfortably squeezed into a shorter script.

Why create a 5 minute corporate video? Why not create a 3 minute one instead!

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