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Q: We’d like a number of web video productions to showcase out consumable products – both for our website and for our field sales force.

The web videos only need to be short – 60-90 seconds runtime, but they need to convey awareness of our individual product attributes as well as build brand awareness.

Initially we want a single web video production, but if this is successful (which we hope it will be) we’d like to produce web video for the whole range of over 100 products.

We’re an international manufacturer and we’re looking for a cost-effective web video solution

Marketing Communications Manager
Suffolk UK

A: I can suggest two style of web video production that can also be used for face to face presentation with a salesperson.

  • Presenter-led video, which involves filming, camera operator, studio etc, plus animation, graphics, captions and music as required.
  • Video Short animated graphic video, which avoids the cost of a shoot, and is driven by a professional voiceover, plus much of the spec of the presenter video above.

To help you, here is information about different web video production styles

I recommend a presenter style as:

  • It can be produced in the familiar “impartial” review style of a youtube or vimeo web video
  • But it can be done much better than youtube – professional in every way

The web videos can be delivered as mp4 for streaming, and wmv for personal sales presentation.

The bigger problem is how to maximise the impact of up to 100 product videos on your website.

For that I’d recommend an interactive web video network.

A key feature of this is that when the viewer has watched the web video, they are immediately presented with an interactive menu of choices, suggesting what they could do next.

This has two major benefits:

  • The user feels they have choice. And users always like to have choice.
  • The menu choices funnel them into your online store where they can buy.
  • Or the menus can funnel them into related product pages – also complete with their own videos & menus.

In effect, your multiple web video productions will become a video website within your website.

And every web video will funnel the web visitor into your internet shop – or related products.

There’s now no longer any need to read text. Ever.

And you can post all the web videos on your company blog and facebook, and tweet about them to expand your social media campaign..

Other benefits of a web video network service include:

  • Autodetecting the user bandwidtrh so they get the size of video file suited to their bandwidth – so big city users experience near-HD quality, while rural customers don’t have to wait forever to watch.
  • Your web video productions can be viewed on ipad, iphone and android smartphone.
  • There is a choice of web video players to suit your site.

Importantly, by streaming from a dedicated Content Distribution Network (CDN), you avoid having to stream from youtube – or from your own company server (both of which are free).



  • You stop your brand being smeared by the youtube brand
  • You eliminate the risk that the user will click the video and automatically be transported to youtube – amid a page full of your competitors.

Web video production is no longer about simply scripting, filming and editing a video to create a good impression.

This year it’s about:

  • Ensuring flawless delivery for your customers
  • Reducing your bounce rates, and then channeling potential buyers into your sales funnel.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming web video production is simply about great production values and keen price.

In the coming years, web video production will increasingly be about measurably increasing website performance.

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