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Q: Our manufacturing company needs a corporate video to show what our business can provide for our customers, and we want to demonstrate the quality of the products we manufacture.

I have a number of corporate video related questions.

We have a diverse range of components. How do we feature all these?

What style of video would complement our product range, and promote sales?

What ideas could you bring to really give our corporate video impact?

Head of Marketing
Manufacturing Company

A: A business corporate video needs to show the complete package you offer.

It requires a mix of key points to be made, rather than just promoting a single component or service.

I’ll outline where you need to prioritise, and the stages you need to go through to produce a successful corporate video.

Let us first look at the creative input.


Here are a couple styles that produce an engaging corporate video:

  • Produce a 1-2 minute web video that delivers a quick, high impact message about what your company can achieve for your customers.

To do this we use quality graphic animations and an engaging professional script.

  • Alternatively show how your customers use your product. Shoot footage that shows the difference your products make to your customers lives and businesses.

1-2 Minute Instant Impact Video

This is all about giving your audience an engaging video that has memorable impact.

By using text combined with animation you not only have a stylish and cutting-edge corporate video it helps you project what your company delivers.

This also allows you to show key facts about your company such as your production capacity, how quickly you can move your research and development into production or how many people you employ.

Commissioning a corporate soundtrack is also important. It’s the icing on the cake!

You can use this sort of corporate video at all your touch-points(points of contact with customers or clients), be it direct to a purchasing manager, on the web, at a conference or exhibition or as part of employee induction.

So it delivers excitement but also shows the capability and standard your business operates at.

3-5 Minute Corporate Video

This sells by showing just what your company is delivering to your customer’s customers right now – and how your products have a positive impact on their lives (what the audience are missing out on).

Show the satisfaction and enjoyment your products help bring to your clients.

  • Show two elderly people looking safe because the assurances given by your security components.
  • Show happy end-users at famous landmark such as Trafalgar Square, with their sandwich wrappers by them, and your product making a difference where it counts.

This is not about espousing how great your products are, it’s telling a story about how your products integrate and become parts of peoples lives. Customer’s customers lives.

Deliver a Message

Through your own marketing team or public relations company you will know what message the company is trying to project, alongside brand image and logos etc.

Make sure the content message you deliver is well thought out and consistent.

Make sure it works at all your different customer touch-points.


Web delivery is essential as it might be the first point of contact for many potential customers.

Give your video prominence on your home page and do SEO (search engine optimisation) on the video so you get as many views as possible and at the end of the web video version you can redirect them to sales or important product pages etc.

But don’t stop there: I’ll it work for face to face sales, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, and you’ll be able to send it on flash/usb drives to important clients etc.

If you’re an international company, why just have an English speaking version?

This sort of presentation is adaptable, so make sure it is working hard for you in all situations and for all different audiences.

How to Produce a Corporate Video

You need to plan the production to create a quality product that sells your service in the right way and is consistent with your brand image.

Pre-production is essential, as it requires you and your corporate video production company to map out a schedule and content.

This gives you opportunity to see what is planned and what you want to achieve, as well as establishing a process where this can be achieved to a high standard – and all at the right time.

Crew and Cast

This can vary with the complexity of the video shoot.

From a director and camera operator on a conventional shoot, to using specialists such as audio recordists.

Using pro actors is important too.

This will ensure all the scenes have a natural feel. They’ll also bring some charisma to the screen.

Video Post Production

This is where all the extra information and added excitement are put into the corporate video using graphic animation, digital fx, editing, titles and captions.

For example we can add some colour or glow to give a feeling of “bigness” or warmth.

Digital video fx can do this and really add something to the footage.

Take photos or still images, so the editor can share the same vision of your company as you do.

Post-production Thoughts

Think about copyright laws. Does it comply with all legislation?

Would it be possible to submit it to see if it can win an industry award?

Duplication for DVD and Blu Ray is usually outsourced. Your corporate video producer will be able to recommend or guide you through choosing one.

Digital delivery will be through mp4 on your youtube and your own server, and possibly a third party server dedicated to video streaming.


If you want more general information on corporate video or examples of our work click this link

Think about creativity and what your corporate video can do for you, because only then will you get the most out of it.

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