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Q: We’re a small but leading Ayurveda products company that sells online and by catalogue. For a couple of years we have been sending out a monthly e-newsletter in plain text, which has been well received, and have been wondering recently if there’s a right time to upgrade to html. Our circulation is about 400 and increasing by 100 a month.

Each newsletter item is a brief introduction to an Ayurveda health topic, with a url to a page on the website with more information. This is easy for us to produce and distribute. Would html be as easy to do?

Love your questions and answers, one of the most helpful and stimulating things I’ve seen on the web.

Marketing Manager
Health Supplements Company

A: You say your newsletter subscriptions are growing by 100 per month? This is excellent.

It implies that at the current rate, you’ll have a circulation of around 1,600 inside 12 months, and if you sustain your quality there’s no reason to assume it won’t be heading towards the 4,000 mark in 2 years.

Which means you’ll have a powerful business asset on your hands, capable of generating new sales orders with every issue.

So I would recommend you do everything possible to increase your subscription rate, including upgrading to an html newsletter.

You’ll see a colourful and eye-catching newsletter with good content, relevant to its marketplace.

For the record the last issue we sent out had:

> 0.4% unsubscribes

> 29% clicked open the newsletter

> 11% subsequently paid a site visit

By any measure of mailshot success, whether email or post, these are strong figures and clearly demonstrate how effective a good newsletter can be at winning the attention of potential customers.

The remaining question is “How do I create a newsletter this good with my in-house resources?”

Read tomorrow’s issue for the answers
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