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Why should you vlog?

Why on earth don’t more companies use their ‘loaves’ and produce video blogs?

It just takes a little bit of imagination and a video company to collaborate with.

Vlogging is a great way to express your knowledge to your clients.

People don’t read text

You might have masses of content to express like we do so you blog about it – that’s great!

But people don’t always have time to read text – so if you’re doing a lot of blogging and have a lot of news, video blogging is the natural next step.

It is a much more dynamic way to get across your information – it’s much easier to watch video than read text.

Producing your vlog

A vlog can be approached in a number of ways to create different levels of style through filming and post production.

Vlogging requires more thought, skills and preparation than just writing text.

You need a structured managed approach for a quick and easy turnround on a regular basis.

Anything less is pointless.

The key is that it’s quick – and isn’t a distraction to your business and day to day work.

Don’t do it in-house!

It will easily become a disorganised distraction and after three months it will peter out and fail.

At Studio Rossiter we have the knowledge and skills to produce a great regular vlogging system – here a couple of methods we use:

> Spiking the lens

If you want your audience to feel important and instantly grab their attention then spiking the lens is a great technique.

Looking straight into the camera can seem a little daunting at first – however the viewer feels much more involved as if they are having a conversation directly with yourself.

This method takes some practice and of course confidence, but if done well it can create an excellent touch point in delivering your message.

> Teleprompter

You have a lot of important content to get across but there is no way you can remember everything you want to say in such a short space of time.

If this is the case then the teleprompt can help.

Using a mirror system rigged up to the camera and an iPad – you can look directly into the lens and simply read your message to the viewer.

Don’t be fooled – you will need a little practice with this – and an experienced interviewer relaying the questions and grabbing great soundbite answers.

> Question & Answer

An interviewer asking prepared questions ensures you cover everything you want to get across to your customers or workforce.

This method might be for the more nervous type – spiking the lens or reading a teleprompt might be a little intensive if you haven’t spoken on camera before.

Eventually you forget the camera is even there!

> Green screen

Using a green screen set-up adds more time to the filming and post production processes – but gives you a totally different final look to your video blog.

You can add sharp post production graphics as a backdrop to incorporate your brand into the image.

> Natural Background

A natural background can look just as pleasing as superb graphics – so the final look can still be cinema quality, just on a cheaper budget.

Our very first vlog is done like this and we know it still looks great!

The trick is to blur the background as much as possible to keep the focus on the subject.

Soon we will have a video blog page on our website with regular updates.

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