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Everybody wants their video to go viral and to be the trend.

And it looks easy to do.

You simply have to make a short snappy video that appeals to everybody.

Easy, right? Well, no.

As Abraham Lincoln said:

“You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

Making a viral video that has universal anytime appeal is impossible.

And though viral videos base their success on their popularity – they are only initially liked by a relatively small audience.

This group of people share the video with everybody else – and it goes viral.

So, how do you get your video liked by the right group of people?

Your video doesn’t have to appeal to everyone

Since you’re reading this on a corporate video website, I’m guessing you want the video to promote a certain product or services.

You don’t want it to just be some silly thing that people laugh at.

So who’s your market audience?

Because that’s going to be your target audience.

Think critically and analyse their needs. If it meets them – and they like it – and naturally they will share it.

And if their opinion is valued, then there’s a chance the video may become viral.

After all, the success of a viral video depends on its recommendation.

You want to be able to show your product or services, best features and benefits – this isn’t usually the core material for a viral video…

Being viral in your target sector, because the video is informative and interesting, is much more realistic and rewarding, than just viral.

Getting a video to go viral is harder than you think

Just look at how many people are paying to have a ‘Featured Video’ on YouTube – most of them aren’t in business.

They’re all just looking for their 30 seconds of fame.

Your company needs more than that. It needs something that will last.

If your video is going to be accepted by a wide audience – and if it’s going to be talked about – it has to be well made and delivered to the right viewers at the right time.

Get this right and, if you’re lucky, it will go viral.

You can click here to find out more about getting a well made video.

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