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Q: We’re considering a vidshort to boost our web site which sells tiling and floors. What sort of a script would you advise?

Marketing Manager

A: Here’s a simple 30 second script that might be effective for your business.

It’s designed to:

> Very quickly show internet shoppers what you deliver

> Make you stand out from the crowd

> Convert more clicks to sales

Just select which benefit you want the most. They deliver equally well because vidshorts actually get watched (or so my web analytics tell me)

Here’s the script:

Whether classical or modern, nothing looks finer than the right tiles.

And at our webshop you can choose from a massive in-stock range – at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay in a showroom – and all delivered inside 48 hours

We offer tiles for every room – all easy-to-find, and easy-to-pick.

Got questions?

Ask our Expert, Jon, who’s waiting now for your call or email.

Why look elsewhere.

Look at our tile webshop, and pick your perfect tile.

Digital Video Production info and samples to view here

What makes this comes to life is professional voiceover, creative images, and high quality music & post production effects (no youtube here)

VidShorts are quick to produce and are far more powerful than written text on the web page.

Many companies are starting to realise this, using them as online tactical weapons in their own markets, just as they now use blogs to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

Because of the relatively low price of production, network advertisers can see some sites having lots of content, with some building up to tv channel proportions, complete with comments and reply boxes from viewers. Interactive televison has come to the web.

Likewise for sales campaigns, even short runs, they can be quickly produced at low cost, making it a realistic commercial proposition.

My own feeling is that vidshort production isn’t just for the major brands. Anyone can use them. All it takes a website, or websites, that need an online promotion. The technology’s all there.

This is a big jump from previous years where pre-recession costs were prohibitive. Looking ahead I predict a change, an explosion in vidshort production.

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